Great Sunchoke Experiment


I read recipes for Sunchoke wine. How did that taste?


I used Jack Keller receip. His receip seems reliable and works for me.


It should be pretty bland in flavor and aroma, like vodka. however, I added spice into the must. Now the wine has little clover, anis, and earthy aroma. Not very strong alcohol smell like brandy or vodka has


This is my remaining sunchoak. It is I believe the white type though I preferred the red. The old trash can has plenty of holes at the bottom and is filled with old broken down died wood chip mulch toped with a bag topsoil. Looking forward to seeing what I get. I will have to find a red type to replant next year.


Looks like you have papaya tooπŸ˜€


yea oops, babaco


The Wind toppled my sunchoak and before I stood it back up i discoverd they where bursting out the bottom. Buckets have to be the best way to grow choaks by far. Only wish I had saved a Red skined.