Green Dragon Apple

I’m always looking at new apple varieties this time of year and came across one that is being marketed commercially called Green Dragon. Available information says that it is a cross between Golden Delicious & Indo (same parentage as Mutsu & Shizuka) from the 1920’s in Japan. Since it is considered an heirloom variety dating back that far, I assume it has a name that predates “Green Dragon” which sounds like a marketing name. Anyone have any experience with this apple? It is not listed at places like the PGRU at Geneva or Orangepippin.


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Had my first GD yesterday. It was crunchy, Fuji sweet, and run off your chin juicy. With just a little acid this would be an outstanding apple, it was really tasty as is. I had to go buy another after I finished the first. $2.49/lb at Whole foods.

You should find a number for Cornell agriculture dept. They know more and have more apple varieties than any one. They are also great at getting back to you to answer questions.

I don’t know the original name, but I had some of these recently and they are easily better than all the modern apples I have eaten such as Honeycrisp, Cosmic Crisp, Sugar Bee, etc They have very good crispness, as crisp as many if not most of the modern crisp apples, and more complex flavors that include real apple flavors.


I just bought a bag of this apple from grocery store. $5 for 2 lb bag. Apples are not big, just about the right size for snack. It is very crispy, juicy, and sweet. I am too wondering about the name here in US. Anyone knows?


Green dragon is the trademarked name/ rebranding of the apple “washu 1984”.


I had some a few years ago and we enjoyed them, especially my wife who can’t tolerate “sour” in fruit, regardless of how much sugar.

They were crazy sweet, but also crisp and enjoyable. I’ve had some since that weren’t as good, probably spent too much time on display.

Kind of like the cotton candy grapes of apples.


Just like what you described. It appears very ordinary looking apple but the taste, texture , Juiciness really caught me in surprise

I just discovered this site when I was curious what was out there for our apple I recognize Murky from the other message I just sent about the Sweet Emerald. I’m the owner of the farm that grows the apple, which is sold as either a Green Dragon or Sweet Emerald.

I’m very happy to see that it is getting good comments in the discussion. We are located in Hood River, Oregon. Thank you for your interest!

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