Green Jade Asian pear

This is a medium size fruit tastes sweet and tad of acid. A nice addition to the collection.



I don’t think you have a Green Jade cultivar in the picture. Green Jade is a European pear Pyrus communis and yours look like Asian pears. I grow Green Jade and my pears look European, just like the pic in these release notes:

I recall your Tennoshui pear being misidentified too as a result of lost tags, perhaps this is the Tennoshiu and the other is the Green Jade? From pictures I looked up it seems possible, though Tennsoshui seems more brown in the few pictures I can find.


Yeah, my multi grafts tree with about 16 varieties of Asian and Euro pears from the USDA scions had their tags mixed up after eight years of growth and production. Now I have to take notes to get the right cultivar label. This one maybe the Pai Li.


Olpea, that is a beautiful pear! How does it taste?

Green Jade tastes pretty good. I only ordered one tree from the Henry Fields/Gurneys conglomerate. I was interested in a Euro pear which could be eaten crunchy. Still I find I like them better when they soften like other Euro pears.