Green Stink Bugs

Outside picking this morning, I found some green stinkbugs hanging around. This is a pest I haven’t seen here before. Did they move in to replace the failed BMSB? Is it climate change, moving them in from a warmer zone? Where is their normal habitat?

(They aren’t as stinky as the BMSB)

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They have always been around here in Maryland, they were the most common stinkbug before BMSB. I just squished one on my kale a few days ago.


In what way has the BMSB failed?

They’ve always been here. They are our most common native stink bug. Though they are much less abundant than BMSB and don’t invade homes like they do, therefore not very noticeable to most people.
There are lots of other native stink bugs as well. Not all are bad news for plants either. Our native two-spotted stink bug is a specialized predator of the colorado potato beetle.


They’re gone - here.

We’ve always had leaf-footed bugs, but in reasonable numbers.