Green Tomato Recipes

Anyone have any good uses for all those end of season tomatoes?


I always like to do some fried green tomatoes. They’re pretty tasty, but I can only eat so much. Especially since I’m the only one in the house that will eat them…

I just dredge slices of green tomato in seasoned flour and pan fry them in oil. When the batch is done, I mix the remaining flour into the oil to make a roux. Then add milk to make a gravy. Ok by itself, but best with biscuits or as a side.

This could probably be improved by other breading/battering techniques, but it’s a pretty good start.

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I made salsa with green tomatoes one year - basically using them instead of tomatillos. Tasted great and I’ll probably do it this year as well when I pull my remaining tomatoes. We roasted all the veggies first to get a bit of a char in the flavor and get the skins off the peppers I added, but I it would be interesting to try it with fresh, unroasted for a crispy texture as well. I don’t remember the recipe I used, but it could have been this one.

They also work great pickled, particularly cherry tomatoes that you can just poke a few holes in with a tooth pick so that the pickling liquid gets in.