Greenhouse growing grapes?

OK. I am wondering if it would be better for me to grow table grapes in containers inside a climate controlled greenhouse? It seems like this may help eliminate some of the problems with fungus and fruit splitting and will absolutely help eliminate bird and squirrel predation as the gh stays closed. Any downside or thoughts? Again I am in Dallas Texas and the plants would have to be container grown because the floor of the gh is concrete. I would grow the grapes outside until after fruit set and then move indoors right after. I would create a trellis that would be built into the pot permanantley so it could be moved in one piece. I am anxious to hear feed back.


I’ve grown grapes in pots in my greenhouse. They stay inside all yr long. Like most other fruits it’s much easier inside. The berries tend to be bigger but not necessarily sweeter inside. All tend to run mid to upper 20s brix.

The second and third pictures are grapes on vines in the second leaf. So that’s 15-16 months after starting with a half inch twig about a food long.

The only pest inside the greenhouse on grapes is powdery mildew. Didn’t have that until the last two yrs.


Very impressive Sir! Yeah I would leave them inside all the time but I’m not able to in my set up. Next week when things slow down a bit I would like to contact you about what I plan to do with growing fruit in my greenhouse. It is going to have to be a little different than your set up but I’m sure there will be many similarities. With the grapes in particular I would love to know more about what training techniques you use as I have not grown grapes before inside or out. Thanks for the photos those grapes look great!

Grapes are very easy to train once you get the hang of it. Your system of a trellis anchored in the pot will work. I did it for many yrs with one vine in a 15 gallon pot.

It would work best if the plant could be in the greenhouse from March until harvest. The rest of the time outdoors in Dallas would be fine. It’s the new foliage and developing grapes that are damaged by weather and varmints.


fruitnut, you continue to amaze me. wow. just wow. those grapes…and inside. Who knew?!

can you please tell me about the varieties of grapes you grow in your greenhouse. and their flavors. thank you looks so beautiful set up

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Right now I’m not growing any due to other priorities, ie a fig nursery. My best was Summer Royal. I also liked Princess. Flame and Crimson were good but not sure I’d grow them again. Summer Muscat had amazing flavor but was small berried and hard to grow.

I think these all need more heat than Seattle.