Greenhouse in Zone 7

I have the opportunity to pick up a very nice 10x14 glass greenhouse for next to nothing. It would be super convenient too, owned by a neighbor currently. I’ve always wanted one to extend my salad green seasons, and I will use it as a place to put my seedlings in during March and early April (I start a few hundred plants every year and room is a problem). I will do a few peppers and tomatoes in there also, to extend my seasons for those as long as possible.

What else can I do in Z7? What could I be thinking about doing that wouldn’t be possible without a greenhouse?

A citrus tree or two?

Patty S.

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Figs? (Can they survive the winter unscathed in zone 7?)

It’s hit or miss with figs near me. Some winters they make it, others they get whacked to the ground.

Hmmmm. Have you done this? I’m wondering how productive a potted tree could be. Or would I just plant it in the greenhouse soil?

No, Mike, I live in “citrus country”, so I grow my citrus trees in the ground, or in pots outside. But many, many folks have grown citrus in pots, as well as directly in the soil in a greenhouse quite successfully :slight_smile: Same with figs. Both can be quite productive. Just requires correct soil, correct watering and fertilizing, and mainly for citrus, monitoring for pests (mainly spider mites and scale) and treating appropriately and swiftly.

Patty S.


Here’s what I’m doing:


No one likes a show-off Fruitnut :wink: I want to be you when I grow up!


You will get a lot more options with a greenhouse. From the top of my head: Figs, Feijoa, Loquat, Ugni Molinae, Passionfruit might also work as annual with the extended time you get in greenhouse. Maybe Mexican cold hardy avocado but not sure, maybe someone can confirm.
I think you could grow also some late persimmons like hachiya, or superlate plums, pluots, peaches etc.

I’d grow the citrus in a pot, the greenhouse would be a temporary thing so the citrus should stay mobile.

I wish I can have a glass green house too. Beside citrus, I will definitely add some strawberries and enjoy the fresh high quality zero-spray strawberry especially during winter time.

I have a greenhouse in zone 7. I posted this thread about it a couple of months ago:

You’ll have to supply heat in the winter, otherwise, the inside of the greenhouse becomes the same temp as the outside air. You’ll also have to be diligent not to let it overheat on sunny or warm days. I learned through trial and error before I finally got it right.

Wow RobThomas I love how green it is in there! I bought it yesterday, a Janco Senator 10’x14’ with an automatic thermostatically controlled ridge vent and a separate 240V system with a big roof mounted heater. Should be pretty versatile. Looks huge inside now because it’s empty, but as soon as I put some benches in it’s going to shrink fast.

Oh, yeah, you should be set, then. Sounds nice. You’ll have to post pics once you have it set up.

Really SWEET article and operation Fruitnut!! I especially enjoyed your fruit tasting evaluations! A lot of valuable info there. Cant find that flavor treat pluot listed anywhere on the DWN site. I like how late and flavorful it sounds! I have fall fiesta for that time. I hope its as good as flavortreat, yet to try. I like how you have high quality fruits very early and late thru the season. That’s what its all about! Again, very nice operation, thanks for posting!


Thank you for noticing. It’s always nice to hear good feedback…!!

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Oh yes, Fruitnut’s greenhouse is something to behold. I’ve told him before I want to move in :slight_smile:


Very impressive indeed!!

Are many people using thermostats like this with I’m assuming heaters like this ?


What do you think about these two easy to set up green house to extend figs season or also use for starting seeds in early February.