Greenriver Pecan: how far north?

How far north are folks growing Greenriver Pecan?

I am border of 6a/6b


It can handle 6A. I have to ask why Greenriver? Oswego is an offspring of Greenriver with similar hardiness and much better production.

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Thanks Much. The other question is how does Oswego flavor compare to Greenriver flavor

If Oswego flavor is inferior to Greenriver, that is why to consider Greenriver. If the flavor is comparable, then yes, Oswego is the choice

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I have not tried Greenriver, but I have sampled several Oswego from the Auburn trees. They are decent pecans. For comparison, I stack Schley as an excellent pecan because of the high oil content. I rate Elliott as an excellent pecan because it has a hint of hickory flavor and high oil. I would rate Oswego just a tad less than either but still a good pecan.

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Thanks Darrel. I much appreciate it