Greetings from SE Ohio

Just wanted to post a little note to introduce myself. Living in SE Ohio on a small farm, 150 or so fruit trees and a few bee hives. Looking to retire at some point, so I’ve started doing some grafting and spending more time pruning my trees. Family did 4H for years with Hogs and Beekeeping, had some cows but never showed them in 4H, Was a 4H Leader for several years with a daughter that is an accomplished State Winner in beekeeping here in Ohio.

Buckeye Fan and love the outdoors, I look forward to learning all I can. I added a couple of pics of some Paw Paws coming into bloom.


Welcome!! Glad you are here.

Love the Pawpaws! Welcome!

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Welcome! A Spartan fan here! MSU class of 81.


Welcome, Bob! Glad you found us and look forward to your posts and photos!

Patty S.

Bob C,
Welcome. Glad you’ve joined us. Look forward to your posts and more pics.

Welcome, Bob.

Always great to have another Midwesterner here in the forum. Your pawpaws look a little ahead of mine (I’m northeast of Detroit near the water… It slows spring a little).

I’m from out of State (RI), but my wife graduated from U of Mich. She found pictures of the red buckeye in a catalog and wanted one until I told her what it was. That was the end of that. Her distaste of State, is nearly as great (except when they are playing Ohio State). She takes her Michigan football pretty seriously.

How far are you from Albany, Ohio (where the pawpaw festival is held each year? Always wanted to make it, but I’m usually pretty swamped that time of year.


Bob, I’m originally from Ohio! Cuyahoga County. Welcome, its a great group! Miss those buckeyes!


Thanks for the welcome aboard! I’ve had pawpaws for years but have never eaten one as everyone but me seems find them before I do. I have several growing around the initial trees so I know seeds have found there way to the ground. I am not far from Albany actually, I have the festival on my calendar every year… just can’t make it. Like you I’m very busy. We have some buckeye trees on the property and my wife always finds good uses for the nuts.

Well the (team up north) has a good chance this year to make a come back and I always look forward to the game. Thanks for the welcome aboard and I look forward to learning.

Thanks!! I’m just south of there a hour or so!

I have never grown pawpaws, but found 2 wild trees here in Michigan. I tried them, OK, not fantastic, not something I would want to grow, But I like growing any plant. I may harvest some seeds this year and start my own tree. Maybe I’ll just plant a few outside and see what happens?

Welcome to the forum!

What does your wife do with buckeye nuts?

Speaking of Buckeyes the Lions picked up one yesterday in the draft!

Necklaces and Key rings and shares with friends.

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Bob I’m now in RI, but I know your area just a tiny bit. Great work with the 4-H. Excellent!!!

Welcome. I’m in NE Ohio, hopefully we can share some good regional info and maybe trade scions next year.

Welcome to the GF forums. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the group we have here. Lots of great things to be learned here. Feel free to add your genreal location to the member map located Here


That’s not retiring, that’s switching jobs :smiley: Seriously though, happy you joined us. Lots of beekeepers here too. I’ve got a couple pawpaws, but mine have some terrible scale this year.