Grilled Peaches and Peach Tea for dinner

No need to show the peach tea, but it is something you should try. Just make tea as you normally would but a little stronger. Then cut up 1 peach and put into blender with about 1 cup of water and some sugar. Then pour this blended peach/water/sugar into your strong iced tea. Put as much or as little as you prefer…starting with a little then tasting and adding more peach until it suits you. This makes a wonderful, refreshing summer drink over ice. (I found it online, it isn’t my invention but its GREAT)

Shown here is something you have absolutely GOT to try if you grow peaches and haven’t done it yet. It is incredibly simple, but mind-blowingly good.

Simple. Just cut a fresh peach in half and remove seed pit. Place on grill with cut side down for about 7 minutes. Flip over so peeling side is down. cut side will have grill marks and char. put butter in the pit indention, then put brown sugar on top. Let grill another 5 minutes or so. Take up with a big spoon, carefully because peach will be very soft. Put on plate. enjoy with or without ice cream. The taste of the char/grill/smoke along with the butter and brown sugar make this just incredble. I’ve also used butter and maple syrup before and it is just as good. Man I LOVE SUMMER!!!


Those look incredible. We grill peaches, but I have never put butter and brown sugar on them. I will try them the next time we grill.

Those look spectacular and I want some! Cannot wait until my peaches ripen.

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Honestly my grill is ready, cannot wait to put brown sugar on my Elbertas. Such a good sized peach. A lot of folks say its below par, but I can count on it producing every year!

Elberta is both good tasting and productive for me- I didn’t know it had a reputation of being below average. But I really hope you do try the butter/brown sugar thing. Its so simple and you think you know what it will taste like, but trust me when I say it’s much better than that! I like to leave them face down down enough for the natural juices and sugars to carmalize and get lots of char, but that is personal preference. Then when you flip them and put skin side down and add butter and brown sugar, it just make it heavenly! ha It’s a little like peach cobbler without breading, but it also has a wonderful smokey/grilled taste.

BTW…,knowing your affinity for all things French, you might be interested in a variation I saw somewhere which was to Add cheese on top or serve cheese along side grilled peaches. I suspect your knowledge of cheese and which one(s) would pair best with grilled fruit, but I bet the right cheese would be a nice accompaniment!

Good luck, please let us know how you like grilled peaches!!!

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I will thanks for taking so much time!