Ground Cover Cloth for Cut-Flowers

Members using ground cover cloth in the garden. I used it in the 80’s in a couple acers, quit the field grow flower business and gave it away, duh!

Since down-sizing to a 100 X 60 garden site, I’m thinking of a small block, 12’ X 50’ burned on 16" or 24" centers?

Used a heated cutter die from the machine shop, but saw somebody with a plywood form burning the holes with a propane torch.


I followed someone on instagram that used a sheet metal template they had attached to a chain. Burned/ melted holes in the plastic with a torch. Likely the same as the plywood that you saw but less likely to burn the template too.
Apparently the person had gotten a tv contract and was breeding zinnias for the wedding cut-flower business, you could probably search and find her for photos. Her company sold the templates for awhile just has details to make your own - I must have gotten them on a website but don’t have that now.

Remembered it was Floret Flowers

This is the same fabric and setup we used at a csa veggie farm i worked at. There we did a row or two over the center with drip tape beneath the plastic. Only way to grow organically without massive amounts of weeding labor. I have the same fabric I am putting willow for coppicing in, I have seen it used before there as well.