Groundcover/Arctic/Nagoon Raspberries

Anyone growing these? Are they worthwhile?

I’m looking through a catalog from a wholesaler my work buys from and they have Rubus arcticus x. stellarcticus ‘Anna’ and ‘Sophia’ listed. Supposed to only grow several inches tall and spread. They are thornless and require crosspollination.

OGW is the only place I see carrying it online:

I don’t grow them. Raintree has one, it might be a different species? I know another is Valentina. We have a wild one around here. All are low producers. i would only buy if you need ground cover. I have been using strawberry plants for ground cover myself. The alpines make a good ground cover.
Yes at Raintree it is a different species.

Here’s a link to Valentina and Sophia

These might produce more than the species at Raintree. Interesting! They say one pound per plant.

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I heard that there are some very low growing creeping BLUEBERRIES that can be used as groundcover and that they produce nicely in fruit and flavor .

Does anyone have any leads on those?


Thank you for sharing this . I am interested in these myself . I had been looking for a source for Arctic raspberries . The fact that they need cross pollination makes them ideal for breeding new hardy berries .

Honeyberryusa also sells arctic raspberries.



Just what I was looking for


Does the Alpine get thick enough to discourage weeds? I have been considering a ground cover around my blueberry plants.

Yes, I hardly weed around them.


Thanks. If I’m not mistaken the Alpine has a pretty good tasting berry. Bill

Yes, although a few different cultivars. The one I have growing is fairly aggressive. I like the reds and yellows, both are good. Cool about all these different ground covers. I may have to add others myself!

I grew these in zone 5, central NY state. They’re great ornamentals, with very showy, bright pink, fragrant flowers in early spring. They set a lot of berries which must have been delicious, as chipmunks got them all. I moved away before I figured out a way to protect them.

I bought four plants last season from One Green World. At first they looked ok and even made a couple berries. But they slowly died over the course of the season for no reason I could discern. Chives, alpine strawberries and apricot trees planted at the same time in the same beds did fine.

Any info on what these plants like as far as conditions go? I may want to try one more time in a different spot.

hey folks. i know this is a old thread but i have a question. i have 3 commercial varieties of arctic rasberries i got from harttmanns sharing a bed w/ my thimbleberries. planted them 2 falls ago. last year i stunted them by giving a little fertilizer. this spring they have spread all over the bed and starting to leaf out. for you that have them, how long does it take before you get berries?


I planted some in my rose bed last year and they grew nicely. None regrew this year and the extras I bought I murdered leaving them in the box to long. I am forced to rethink my strategy.

I just bought some from Hartman’s this year. They only offered 2 cultivars, i would have liked a third!
Most brambles like it acidic although they will grow in alkaline conditions. So lower the pH to about 5.5-6.0 and they should grow better. Using an acidic fertilizer can help, mulch with peat moss etc.
Mine are growing in a blueberry bed where the pH is 5.0 to 5.5 I planted them this spring. One berry is forming now, more would have but one of the cultivars was stubborn to flower, it’s flowering a touch now. The other one flowered from day polination is an issue, i could use one of the other two I don’t have. Mine get a lot of sun, 3/4 of the day. sometimes shaded from trees and plants.

I’m not at all sure we are talking about the same thing, but last year I bought something called Formosa Carpet Raspberries from Hirt’s Gardens. They were quite cheap ($4.99 or $5.99) and very small plants when they arrived, but they grew and spread fairly quickly. However, each one only spread to about 1 ft square and just sort of stopped growing. They did survive the winter but so far no fruit. They are supposed to make small yellow fruit. Is this the same as what you all are calling “arctic Raspberries?”

No, they are different. The carpet raspberries hardly produce any fruit, whereas the arctics are supposed to produce a lot.
Arctics are Rubus arcticus L. subsp. x stellarcticus
Emerald Carpet or creeping raspberries are Rubus pentalobus.


thanks Drew…and my experience bores out what you said!

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