Grow Edamame or Soybean in Pot


Due to wild life pressure and the need to preserve seeds, I grow some edamame/soybean in pots this season. They are large pots, like 15 to 20 gallon plastic ones.

Here is a photo of FledderJohn. The large plant is about 18" tall. The catalog says it can grow to 24" to 36".

I do not know if this variety is determinate or not. At this rate, the plants can reach the mature height rather quickly. I assume I’ll need to support the plants at that high and they are in pots.


I never do them in pots but I have 4 types inground. I have 30 plants growing. My sons love them so I grow a lot every year. We look forward to harvesting them.


Here is some update about the edamame. I’m not sure if they are ready to pick yet. Maybe still thin and small. They are from different batches.


Which variety is best/most productive growing in pots? I may buy some seeds and try next year in pots.


I do not think there is much difference of in ground or in pot. But all soybean varieties are sensitive to day length and cycle.