Grow more food! Think there will be more shortages

I have some carrots and greens in the first row of my flat garden… past that is where i grew okra and tomatoes this year.

Got that space worked up and raked and planted it all in mixed greens this evening… a cover crop that we will sure eat a bunch of if successful.

Yes it is a little late for starting greens but my 8 day forecast is mid 70s mid 50s… should germinate just fine. We will see…


Nobody gives up freedoms voluntarily. As the Scottish Declaration of Independence of 1320
Bans on meat in the name of saving the planet is not going to go over very easily in the US (at least I hope not).

Shortages that are induced by nefarious people in high places ought not to be. Ever.


You may need greens under the covers…the diesel fuel shortages may lead to bare shelves soon…especially for produce. As truckers may not be able to make regular trips in a timely manner due to fuel outages or rationing.

Gasoline prices have dropped to near $3 in the vicinity here.

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@BlueBerry … my little dab of greens under cover this year. Floating row cover over bent cattle panel structure.

Warm enough the next few days that I pulled the cover back until needed again.