Grow more food! Think there will be more shortages

The other day I went to a sandwich shop. In April or May I bought an Italian at subway for $5.50. Much to my surprise my sandwich was $14. At this rate pears will be $5 each. Ofcourse I’m joking about the price of pears but I’m making a point we need to be growing more food. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage whatever greens you grow in the winter are healthier but now it’s also coming down to the cost.


I authored a column in the local weekly just this Thursday on the same topic.
(My software not compatible for an upload here though.)

I’m enjoying some apple cobbler this morning and coffee…
apples picked up last Sunday under my “not MacIntosh” tree.
(They look a lot like Arkansas Black.) Tastes good despite adding almost no sugar.


between the shortages of workers, ongoing restrictions from covid and expolding fuel oil costs its going to be a tough winter. food prices are insanely high and going to be higher. our only supermarket in town has signs apologizing for empty shelves as they dont have the workers to restock them regularly. very sad.



I filled the propane tank, stocked up heavy with winter food, am getting my alternative plans in place. Have a couple of grow lights, green house plastic, cattle panels and just about everything I need besides time. Purchase plenty of seed in case we need it never know what spring will bring.


Typical of stores I’ve been in this month.

The exception being the Save-A-Lot store in London, KY yesterday.
Neat, clean, didn’t see an empty shelf (just some items that date expires today on…that I bet they don’t catch). Also, just saw one old lady with a facial covering, nobody else including the cheerfully busy butcher, produce gal and cashiers.

It’s location is inconvenient and that’s not my town either. But I’ll definitely stop again if passing by and need something.

From Kroger to walmart to Meijers to Dollar General…everything from tissue, loaf bread, bottled water, tools, motor oil, corn meal…have had many many feet of bare empty shelves. One DG store had no bread of any kind.


yep. ive got soil/ grow pots and seed ready. ill fill my grow room soon with plants soon. as long as we have electricity ill be growing all winter. been stockpiling diesel and gas in case. just rotated out my seed stash with fresh seed. i always keep the old seed as a backup. been prepping since 14’ but i add to it every year.


just bought the last 2 20lb bags of flour last week at our shop n’ save. they havent replaced them since.


I have eaten nothing but meat for 31 days… carnivore elimination diet.

It made shopping for groceries so simple… to the meat dept and done :wink:

If there is no food at the stores… the deer, squirrels, coons, possum, turkeys, fish, frogs, etc… better look out. I have a bunch of berries in the freezer… sweet corn, tomatoes and okra canned…

In the fall (about now) I like to pressure can a bunch of beef stew, deer stew… We have just about eaten all we put up last fall… so time to do that again. It is one of my favorite things to pressure can… and is pretty much a complete meal by itself… add a little Keto cornbread (almond flour, instead of corn flour) and very good meal. Nice thing about pressure canned complete meals, no refrigeration required.

I do love Rib Eye steaks… my fav food… so I hope the supply of those does not run out. Deer, fish, frogs just not nearly as good.


me and the wife have tried keto several times but we both love bread too much. if they came out with a keto bread that actually tasted good i think we could stick with it. love our meat and fresh eggs.


@steveb4 … just say no to pain and suffering and yes to better health…

YouTube fathead dough… great for pizza, bread sticks… no grains.

You can make great lasagna … swap noodles for deli sliced rotisserie chicken…

You dont have to give up many of your fav foods… you just have to learn how to make them without all those nasty carbs.

Lots of folks on YouTube showing how to do that.

Great keto source… search on Ruled Me.


For those who have not thought of it remember pet food. You can store it in steel trash cans or 55 gallon drums and the raccoons and rodents cannot steal your pets food. If you grow corn and make your own dog or cat food I’m impressed. Do know people who have made their own pets food. That’s a lot of work mixing the ingredients. Now grain free dog food is popular. For livestock feed I used a hammer mill many years ago which is a lot of work.


Yep, time to grow more food. Some of the things I’m planning will take a few years to pay off. My parent’s back yard is wide open and they’ll let me plant some things there. I may just keep it simple for the fruits. Peaches so they can get fruit quick and then pawpaws & Asian pears for the low maintenance. And since I’m thinking of it, maybe a Harrow Sweet on OhXF 87 since my HS on pyro isn’t impressing me. Then I can throw in a watermelon + winter squash patch for me and them, plus a small row for some other things like tomatoes and peppers that they can eat as they please.

But don’t just grow more food. Consider taking advantage of low interest rates right now!!! I’m in the middle of a cash-out refi. You can take up to 80% but I’m not getting close to that. Right now we’re working to take about $45K out of the house. The deal with the local credit union is 1.99% APY over 8 years and no closing costs. You just pay a $550 application fee. These kinds of deals will not be around forever. Rates are probably going to have to go up. Borrow cash now, and then use it to do things that may hedge against inflation!

I’m currently considering solar panels, geothermal heating, a high-efficiency wood stove, and of course stocks. Boring, dividend paying stocks.


silver and gold are good investments as well. no matter what the markets do precious metals always keep their value.


That is something I do not understand. I can understand the problem in cities - people probably migrated out during pandemic or didn’t come from abroad as cheap labor. But what could happen to workers in a small town? They died? They found better job? They just do not want to work, living on the government help? I understand one parent from the family may have issues due to day care problems… But people who stock the shelves do not get enough money for daycare anyway… so I am puzzled… I started to think, supermarkets playing games. If they hire 1person instead of two where they need 1.5, they save money. And you will need that food anyway, so will return, even multiple times, to get what you need(and also what you don’t, may be more expensive to substitute what you came for… )

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Some people like Bitcoin. I went your route with gold and silver. Most economist are predicting a stock market crash within a few months. China’s stock market is on the verge of crashing now. I’m not much on deer, but they may soon be on the menu.


We can’t solve the world’s problems and we all know the causes. What I can do is grow food to eat.


In a true world apocalypse food would be more valuable than gold. Not sure what the future holds, but it could be true that money does grow on trees. As someone on here once stated “can I get a scion of those twenties”.


Empty grocery stores/empty gas stations and no electricity=total chaos. I’d leave the city asap–but so would everyone else. I think living in Alaska or something like that might not be a bad idea.

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We have some interesting threads Wonder where he ordered these trees from? lol

I was in A Walmart the other day and besides shortages the poor assistant manager was having a meltdown. She also had her meat and cheese cases go down and lost all her stock for them. It’s horrible out there right now.