Grow Wild Jujube Tree

Anyone has experience with growing wild jujube tree? I have several seedings grown from wild jujube seeds. I remember the original jujubes are the size of a big olive, or the size of a nickel coin. The seed is round and large, not much flesh.

Since I get a large property, I’m thinking of planting one in my yard. Not sure the exact place. The purpose is for the wild jujube seeds for future planting as rootstock. It is also a good landscape tree. But since the jujube fruits are still relative small, it may make a mess with a lot of seedlings. Not sure if birds will also spread seeds everywhere.

I also get some sucker plants from my other jujube trees. Not sure if they are wild jujube rootstock, or other sweet jujube varieties.


The wild ones are definitely very thorny if that is ok. You can plant it where you can mow around it if you are worried about possible suckering.


If the falling seeds would germinate, then I probably do not want to grow the tree in the lawn. Maybe at the edge of woods. Then I can just dig up the seedlings.

Not sure if birds can spread the seeds.

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The wild seeds seem to be fairly tough and germinate easily, but I’ve tried to collect all of mine, so I don’t know. Not sure what sorts of critters might want to disperse the seeds. It seems the wild seeds easily stay viable. I had a wild fruit last fall that I laid on the counter, and I left it there (encased in it’s dried fruit form) all winter into spring. No care at all. I stuck it in a pot in May, and it germinated and grew.