Growing better apples with zinc

Want to grow better quality apples? Zinc may be just what you need

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I agree. That’s why I put it in the fertilizer I designed with Grow More.

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@Richard - Since you are the soluble fertilizer guy - I have a slow growing (Nyssa sylvatica) shade tree that I want to give a boost this year, as well as a glacially-slow growing Dabinett apple that I think will let live and baby for one more year before it gets the chop.

The shade tree seems pretty determinant in its growth (unlike apple). It is, in fact, so determinant in its growth it has been at peak fall color in the same few days in October the last 3 years.

Would it be a sound strategy to apply a soluble fertilizer when the first leaves have emerged? Do you think that could speed up its growth? So far adding N to the soil around the drip line seems not to have done much.

Having done a little research … What is sold as Tupelo / Black Gum is either Nyssa sylvatica or Nyssa biflora. Both are hardwoods and slow growing until past the juvenile state.

If I were feeding this tree for growth, I’d give it something with NPK ratios of 3:1:2, e.g., 24-8-16. Further, I wouldn’t use a surface granular. Instead I’d feed it semi-regularly (in your zone, 3-4 times per year) as follows: Replace a “regular” watering of the tree with a doped watering, using the same amount of water (important!) that contains whatever the amount of water-soluble fertilizer would be used per gallon.


Thanks Richard, I appreciate the time and thought you put into your response. Yes, it is N. sylvatica by the tag when I bought it (JF Schmidt was the production nursery). Your reply brings up the point that we had a dry stretch last April and May that could have affected growth. We brought what we figured to be unseasonable rain to Anaheim in June when we went there to visit friends, and when we were back home the skies opened up and we had a wet June, average July, and soaking August and September. I don’t recall a period where the grass went dormant. So the problem for me is that except for maybe a month here or there, regular watering intervention for trees here would kill them from too much water. That is why I was considering the foliar feeding.

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Sorry for hijacking the thread.

Hi @Richard

Would the 16-8-24 work for Strawberry indoor under artificial light? If this is not the right one, what would you recommend? my situation gets some Calcium deficiency (maybe due to dry air) on about 1/3 of plants.

Thank you

I think you realize I was not recommending foliar feeding. That is an entirely different approach in both timing and dosages.

I’d recommend water soluble 20-10-20 Orchid food, following the directions on the label.

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Yeah, I do get it. To be more to the point: I am saying that doing any watering to add fertilizer would be detrimental to the health of the tree. By watering I would be applying excess water for a good portion of our growing season. Rarely is there a reason to water during the growing season here in IA.

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OK, so for the foliar schedule spray only during active growth; between instances of rain or irrigation; very early morning is best but also late afternoon before dew fall; dosage is 10% (roughly) of the soil drench per gallon dose; 3-4 times during the growing season.