Growing buds at base of black raspberry

Jewel black raspberry. I pulled the straw mulch away to reveal buds pushing at the base.

  1. Are they next year’s primocanes already? If so will that mess up next years growth?

  2. Did the mulch cause this?

  3. Will it affect fruiting next spring/summer?

Note: i’m referring to the swelling buds right at the base. The little patch of green leaves is actually from a tip-rooted cane from the same plant. I will be yanking that out.

Nobody has seen this before?

Various caneberry varieties set noticeable buds, up and down the cane, late in the season. These typically remain tight and dormant until next spring. No concern unless the buds break and start to grow leaves out-of-season.

The two pale tiny buds near the base of the plant are not primocanes.

How close to the old cane is that unwanted tip-root?

These buds are larger than normal dormant buds. Especially the one at soil level.

The tip root is maybe 3” away.

Basal buds tend to be larger than those way up the cane or on laterals, and the resulting fruiting spurs are thicker and longer.

I suppose mulch could have affected it. I keep mulch away from the base of canes, but there are colder-climate growers who bury entire caneberry plants in mulches, maybe they have observed similar budding.