Growing chestnuts from seed

Quick question for anyone who can answer it. I am stratifying Chinese chestnut seeds, about five different varieties and quite a few of them have about a 2 to 3 inch radical that has emerged from the seed. It’s too early I would think to direct seed them outside in the ground. I would rather not have too pot them up right now and keep them indoors with lighting. My question is, will they be OK in the refrigerator until spring late March early April? Anyone have any experience with letting a radical sit in the refrigerator for an extended period of time?

I can’t help other than to say that I had the same thing happen so my nonstop and deeppots in the same minigreenhouse I was starting tomatoes and things in, I was able to wait with mine until mid February before I put them there though

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I just throw the chestnusts I forget to roast in the mulch pile and they sprout and grow by spring.

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clip any radicals back to 1/4" each time they are or become an inch or 1.5" long. continue doing so until they can be planted, Zack.


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Perfect Dax! Can always count on you my friend. Sound advice. Always. :+1: Thank you!!


You’re welcome :smile:

Thanks Mark! How did they turn out?

Wow. Hardy group of chestnuts.

Look good, i am a lazy-a$$ so anything in pots tends to go up tight to the north side of the house…They grow slower but I don’t how to stress out about watering every day or two when it’s hot and dry…great spot to nurse things along. Most of my chest nuts which came from castanae are 12-24" and very healthy-looking. Overwintering their first year in the garage now.

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