Growing Cold Hardy Citrus

I am in need of guidance and information available for growing citrus in zone 8b, North FL in the Big Bend 5 minutes from the beaches of the Gulf coast. I am so far successfully growing ruby red grapefruit, satsumas - Owari, Kimbrough and 1 other variety. Nagami and Variegated Centennial kumquats, Meyer lemons and 1 young Navel orange that has taken a hit twice during 19 degree freezes in maybe 2015 and 2016. It seems to have acclimated and is doing very well this winter so far through the low 20’s we have been experiencing. I would love to expand my citrus orchard and have started researching other cold hardy citrus for my zone. Please let me know what you have had success in growing in this or similar conditions. And if you can recommend established and reputable nurseries. Thanks


They specialize in cold hardy citrus

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Thank You, I will check their products.

I’m in 8b n Florida and have Hamlin, ray ruby,cara cara,clementine, owari Satsuma, Miho wase satsuma,meyer lemon,pumelo,brown select,page,duncan grapefruit and a few more I will have to think harder!

unfortunately they can’t ship to Florida. No citrus in or out unless you smuggle it! :laughing:

These guys are in Florida maybe they’ll have something you want

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One Green World carries some cold Hardy citrus. I believe one can survive down to O degrees and other down to 10 degrees. See the links below. Both are out of stock.

Yuzu Ichandrin Hardy Citrus Tree - One Green World

Yuzu Ichandrin Hardy Citrus Tree - One Green World

The second link was supposed to be Sudachi Hybrid Yuzu. It is on the One Green World site.