Growing FIGS in northeastern New Mexico?

Is there anyone growing figs in New Mexico?


Website may be a little out of date but AFAIK he still goes to the markets listed.

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That is awesome. Iv heard about the fig man and have been wanting to meet him. There is still alot to learn aboit figs. The only historic fig i know of from new mexico is socorro black. Iv got 20 different varieties. Trying to graft onto at least 4 trees so i dont have so many. Problems i run into is spidermites and sometimes even scale. Thanks for the reply. Look forward to hearing from you and your post.

Yeah, if you have the chance to go and meet him, I highly recommend it. I’ve bought a handful of his varieties, of which one has fruited thus far. (I believe it is a variety called Baca, but am not 100% sure.) They were tasty figs, though it was only last year that they fruited, so my data is a little sparse. My other varieties have not fruited (one variety from the foothills of the sandias, Socorro stagecoach (maybe the same as Socorro black???) and purple with pink.) Those plants are only a foot or so tall and overwintering in my garage :slight_smile: I also bought a Bryn Mawr and a Socorro Gold, neither of which made it due to my own inexperience. I very much agree that there is a LOT to learn about growing figs! Still, they’re one of my favorite fruits so I keep trying :slight_smile:

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