Growing figs , ocean front

I have a good friend building a house on an island on the Alabama coast, what can grow there? Sandy and probably a little salty, will figs live?

Figs have some salt tolerance, I’ve seen them doing well just on the other side of the dunes in VA beach.

Just skimmed through this new study from Egypt, none of these varieties are available here but it did show there is some variability of salt tolerance so it might help to try as many different types as possible and then select a rootstock from them. I’ve got seeds if your friend wants to do a trial, free if they are willing to share the results.

Thanks for the response, so maybe some figs could handle those conditions. It is on the bay side of the island but it is beach front.

Sure, if they want any advice let me know.

Feijoa is supposed to have good salt tolerance, its natural habitat are beaches of Brasil.

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