Growing Fruit App?

Is there as way to get links within the Growing Fruit application to open in a browser instead of within the app?

When I select a link in a thread the pages it pulls up aren’t fully functional.

I end up having to copy and paste into a browser outside of the application.

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There is no app, it runs in the browser only.


And yet I appear to have an app I access it from with an icon on my phone … Though it is no longer in the app store.

Here is the app info screen

Here is the app while it’s open. Notice there is no URL line on top or bottom.

And here is what happens when I select a link within a post.


I assume you have an Android phone, there is some way to make an app like thing for a webpage and it might be that. I don’t know why it would not be working and I switched to iPhone awhile back so can’t test it. Just use the browser, that’s the only way it is designed to be used.


That’s really strange as I assure you I don’t know how to create what I currently have on my phone. :joy:

I’ll probably just delete it and do as you suggest.



I use a ‘shortcut’ that runs as an ‘app’ in the brave browser.

When clicking on a link, I just press and hold to have the option pop up to open it in a separate tab/window. I think that’s what you are trying to do.

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It’s called a web clip. Basically, it’s just a browser tab running without any menu bars or anything around it. Certain flavors of Android will suggest adding a well-trodden site to the home screen, which creates this. It’s useful in some certain circumstances, but kind of irrelevant for this.


Well there you go.

Simple… Thanks

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That’s probably what I did for ease of launch.

Works fine except for getting fully active link pages.


There is a function in Chrome called “Create App”. I tried it and it seems pointless. It creates an icon that gets displayed on the Apps screen. Instead of loading the browser and then going to you just select the app but of course it just loads the browser and then goes to One of the disadvantages is that you don’t have a fully functioning browser.


Pretty sure I must have done that thinking I was simply creating a button for the site.

Your right it doesn’t show a URL and any link in the forum pulls up a crap version of the linked website that is really only good for reading. Any forms don’t work well or not at all.

I’ve since deleted it and simple keep a browser page for the site.