Growing fruit in Japan

Was just cleaning out my computer and forgot about some photos I took recently. For example, The U-Pick pear place in Tottori:

Nice panorama shot showing the unique trellis system for the trees appears to be too big to upload. Will try later.

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Mr. Niceguy,

Curious, I’ve always read fresh fruit in Japan is very expensive. Do you know the equivalent of how many U.S. dollars the orchard sold their pears for per pound or piece?

My experience when visiting in the mid-1980’s was that grocery fruit was individually wrapped, that would add to the expense.

As I recall fruit can have a high value as a gift and as tradition. A family dessert may be one perfect but HUGE apple shared amongst the family. That apple may be quite pricey but it is the tradition.

I don’t know about regular produce, but I imagine it’s like going to a boutique grocery in the US and seeing $50/lb cheese. You can find high end anything!

In Germany you can get a $4400 steak

I know in Japan they have very expensive mangoes that are grown there, watermelons, etc.

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Took me an hour to figure out how to shrink it, it looks mangled now, but uploaded:

As you can see, its a kind of canopy/trellis system with steel wires and poles supporting long strungout branches. Theres a fence around the perimeter as well. I couldn’t totally stand up inside, bit low.
I can’t recall the costs, Ill ask my wife when she wakes up. I do remember we opted for the all-you-can-eat for 90 minutes or something like that, and I felt it wasn’t good value. The pears were flawless and nice, crispy and watery, but lite and very little taste. I laughed, as one of the only cases of theft I’ve witnessed in Japan was that day, a senior on a bus tour stuffing a couple in her purse.
You are correct, most fruit is expensive here, and most food imported. Most local fruit I see is babied and sold high-end, a common present. Larry, like you were saying its usealy still wrapped, and often gift boxed.

We’ve also been to local u-pick places for strawberries, grapes, peaches, and blueberries. My wife also took the kids to kiwi, plum, and such. I’ll try to get some more pics of uploaded. The blueberries were amazing value - gorgous area, all you can eat all day, and take home a pack full - about 5 or $10 per person. Albeit more expensive, the other fruits were exceptionally good quality and taste.