Growing gardenia...anyone?

Very nice. So healthy.

Gardenias smell amazing.

Just move your entire life to Hawaii. They grow just fine there.

Yes…very tropical smelling. I’ll probably pick up a second plant at some point.

…the real battle will be winter. I think its smooth sailing until then.

No money for Hawaii. Need fat stacks to live there.

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I grow kleims and August beauty in the pot.l love the fragrance. Everyone says gardenia like a little share but I found it likes fill sun but keeps the pots cool. I put the pot in the middle of veggies garden, veggies leaves provide shade to the pots only. My August beauty is full of small buds. Over winter gardenia is a challenge however. it’s been three years I have them, but everything winter I fear they might die


glad to hear you’re in a region where summer sun is not deadly to foliage. Gardenias do seem to like plenty sun and should be allowed as much direct sunlight it can take without burning the leaves. I can surmise direct sunlight during summer in san francisco, portland and seattle will be ok as well.

You guys are SO tempting me!