Growing kiwis in zone 7?

Which kiwi varieties do well in zone 7?
Also, is there such thing as a self fertile kiwi?

Despite there often tropical positioning on the grocery isle. Kiwi’s are native to Siberia, Russia, China, Korea, Japan etc. So Zone 7 is not really a factor for most cultivars. Just be sure to plant them where they receive there desired growing conditions. Half to full sun

Issai is partly self-fertile. Some fuzzy kiwis need a really long growing season, for example Hayward I would not recommend in zone 7. Saanichton is a fuzzy which doesn’t need as long a season as Hayward.

My Ken’s Red set 1 or 2 fruit a couple of years ago and I’m pretty certain there were no male blooms in the neighborhood.

Zone 7 is on the borderline for growing most fuzzy kiwis. The hardy kiwis (or kiwi berries) which are smaller can be grown into zone 5-6.