Growing marijuana on the cusp of legal in NYS

THC is THC?? Well let’s try something. Is alcohol alcohol? If you drink a 16oz beer, what going to happen? Now instead, you drink 16oz of whiskey. What might happen? THC has the same effect , it depends on the breeder. I know that this is not a perfect example, but it’s certainly similar

Nope. A 16 oz. Beer can only be up to 12% alcohol. 16 oz. Of whisky can be as high as 941/2 percent alcohol. Absolutely no comparison.

THC isn’t counted by Oz. % only. 85% THC is the same no matter the amount. Period.

A 12% beer is far less by consumption than 95 1/2 % whisky.

That’s my point

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Ahhh. Got it. For some reason I thought you were saying THC was less powerful per %> . You are correct. THC is % is %>. Alcohol can be varied wildly % wise from type to type. That being said THC content can be wildly varied by weed growth as well.

Pure THC distillate can be found at 99.9% pure. Pure THC distillate is all the same. Just like pure CBD distillate is all the same. It is how these two primary cannabinoids interact with one another that makes it different. Just like pure distilled ethanol ETOH lab grade is all the same regardless if it came from potato mash, juniper berries, or sugar beets. Every flavonoid and terpene and dye is removed evaporating the alcohol. But one would argue a gin and tonic bender is a lot different than tequila shot night. The feel one gets being baracho on each. Even if the bottle has the same percent ETOH %. They are vastly different experiences. Those are not 100% distilled to alcohol.

On individual plant cultivars the two primary cannabinoids are THC and CBD. THC oxidizes and degrades to CBD and their primary intermediary is CBN. Old cannabis will degrade from THC-CBN-CBD. Some plants make no THC and some plants make no CBD. There are a few other cannabinoids like THV but it is relatively uncommon in all strains of cannabis except African landrace varieties.

THC is psychoactive; CBD is not. In fact CBD is an antidote and neutralizes the psycho activity of THC. Think narcan to fentanyl or morphine. But all made in the same plant.

Most drug and hemp cultivars naturally (if ripened fully) can reach between 20-30% total cannabinoids per weight at harvest. A very rare few can break 30% and one was tested this year at 40% weight total cannabinoids recently.

Hemp is usually 20-30% CBD and (by law) under 3% THC. 3% is considered the clinical lowest dose of THC that affects humans.

Drug cultivars are more a blend of THC and CBD for that total harvest weight of cannabinoids. The higher the ratio of CBD the lower the THC. Equatorial drug strains will often be the opposite of hemp. 30% THC < 3% CBD. The high is considered energizing and stimulating. Like coffee or ephedra. It is often described as unpleasant or too strong or inciting temporary paranoia. The someone is watching me effect. Especially for occasional users.

High latitudes temperate strains (drug cultivars) are known for being sedative and calming. Borderline narcotic and better for pain. They are the classic hash plants that incite munchies and sleep. They are often 15-20% THC and 10-15% CBD. If the CBD gets above 1:1 ratio on percent of the total cannabinoids then it is effectively hemp and the THC is inactive in our bodies. The CBD saturates the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies and THC cannot get in. Just like the narcan and opiates analogy.

Hybrid strains now days are bred for plant growth patterns more than THC/CBD ratios. Those ratios are easy to cross in later. Growth patterns can be stuburn and can take 6 generations to “fix” into a new cultivar. Think how we graft edible plants or heirloom for cold hardy or regional abundance or weather.

Equatorial strains tended to be slow to finish flowering needing 10-12 month. They also have fluffy airy flowers to prevent mold in humid equatorial areas. Worthless above any frost zones in higher latitudes. Inversely, higher latitude cultivars tend to grow short stocky and dense to finish quickly before true winter sets in. The nemesis to a good yielder. The density of the flowers is great against cold snaps and frosts. In the humid tropics the dense buds would be devoured by botrytis and powdery mildew lacking airflow.

Hence the crosses of hybrid cannabis plants. Faster flowering upright plants with long stemmed medium dense flowers. The perfect in between growth form. Compared to either heirloom landraces from equator or the highier latitudes. The rest is history. One happy hybrid plant grown to 5’ can yield 2-5 pounds of dry flower. Landrace high latitude and landrace equatorial tend to both have a hard time exceeding a pound of dry flowers, and neither grows great in between their native zones.

Are you still with me? Now for the real interesting stuff. Remember the opening ethanol anology.? The tequila and gin have different feelings when inebriated. That is because they have different tastes and smells giving them a different effect. Those are the terpenes and flavonoids. If you have not been wasted on tequila and gin you will have to believe me they are very different.

Once Modern hybrid cultivars are in a better growth pattern, for a given grow zone, they are then selected for terpene (smell) and flavor (flavonoids). Honestly the trend is to select for terpenes over THC. Medium THC is fine with high terpene and flavonoid levels. I digress, but in fact high THC distillate is considered low grade despite being strong. Its niche is cheap cost low grade. Think wino mad dog 20/20 or cheap popov vodka or boones farm. Top shelf 300$ a shot cognac or single mAlt or añejo tequila is analogistic to high terpene cannabis flower. Not high THC distillate. Thats with the cheap stuff.

In cannabis the research has found that the terpenes have a profound affect on effect in the body. If two cultivars have identical THC:CBD ratios the effect can be the opposite thanks to the terpenes. For example: If one has Myrcene it is better at relieving pain. If one has linolool tend to be relaxing and sedative. If one has limoline it tends to relax and remove stress. If one has Pinene it opens the airway and lungs and promotes focus. The terpenes supersede the effect of the CBD to THC ratio and often has novel effects in the body. The study of this is in its infancy. But cannabis plants have been found to reproduce every known plant terpene. There are cultivars that smell like anise, to coffee, to chocolate, to melon, to citrus, to berry, and even lavender. Even tennis balls to rubber to skunk and cat piss. The flavonoid and terpene profiles for cannabis is limitless. I think it is one of the plants most amazing traits.

I believe the future medical usefulness of cannabis is isolating unique terpenes with unique THC;CBD ratios. Like for specialized personal antidepressants to your brain chemistry or making energizing strains that bring out creativity and stamina. Or fighting specific cancers.

It is already proven to be helpful in type1 and type 2 diabetes for equalizing blood sugar spikes and drops. It also fights insulin resistance in long term diabetics. It has proven also in high CBD to eliminate seizures in children that did not respond to standard treatments. See Charlotte’s Web:'s+web+cbd+story+youtube&client=safari&hl=en-us&ei=lKLDY-_sHYHO9AOkz5eQCw&oq=charlotte's+web+cbd+story&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAEYATIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgYIABAWEB4yBQgAEIYDOgoIABBHENYEELADOgcIABCwAxBDOhIILhDHARDRAxDIAxCwAxBDGAE6DAguEMgDELADEEMYAToECAAQQzoLCAAQFhAeEPEEEApKBAhBGABQkRBYnx9gzDVoAXAAeACAAVqIAbsDkgEBNpgBAKABAcgBD8ABAdoBBAgBGAg&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:0126be33,vid:JUCaBvF0_YM


As hemp growers, we had to deal with the ‘entourage effect’ … as CBD% and terpene content increases in buds during flowering period, THC also increases… and, in order to stay within the federal government’s capriciously arbitrary limit 0f 0.3% THC, we had to test regularly in an attempt to time harvest so that we achieved the maximum CBD% the plants could reach before THC levels surpassed 0.3% - at which point it would be classified as ‘marijuana’ (though no one would want ‘pot’ with THC levels well below 1%) - and we would be required to either destroy the crop or grind the entire plant… bud, leaves, stems/branches/trunk in order to ‘dilute’ the THC to a level below the ‘legally acceptable’ 0.3%.
For most commonly available hemp strains, it’s difficult to surpass 10% CBD (Most processors would not even accept hemp biomass with CBD levels below 10%), without getting close to, or surpassing that federally-mandated 0.3% THC limit. If the feds would relax that limit, even to only 1%THC… the level of CBD that growers could produce would increase tremendously.

Processors are producing and marketing a number of cannabinoid products.
THC is not just THC. There is delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC, THC-0, HHC… and probably others coming down the track. Potency and activity supposedly vary from one form to the other.
I’ve sampled gummies containing some of all these; I can’t distinguish any specific differences… and, to tell the truth, haven’t necessarily appreciated, most of the time, any significant psychoactive effect whatsoever, from any of them - though most I’ve sampled have been combo THC/CBD gummmies.

Even in the ‘CBD’ realm, you have CBD, CBG, CBN… all making different claims as effects such as pain relief, calming, sleep-induction.

I’m 4 years out from last having grown CBD/floral hemp… at that time, attention to the various terpenes and their prevalence in the numerous ‘cultivars’ available for growing was just gaining traction and attention, though most emphasis, at that time, for most growers, was still focused strictly on CBD%.

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The manner in which you write about varying effects of different marijuanas seems very assured, but I am curious about how the highs of various strains are evaluated- who is doing the research and how is it carried out. How many subjects are involved and in what environments are the strains compared?

Given the fact that my brain responds much differently to any given product when comparing experiences with my son and that the dosage that affects me is much smaller than most people I know, I’m guessing that there are many variabilities in how any given strain effects the user.

My biggest challenge in using the stuff I grow as a sleep aid is getting the dosage just right. I try to take a half a toke and quickly exhale, but how much I get can be difficult to completely control- my lungs don’t have an easy to read measuring function and sometimes the bowl takes more effort to light based on how its packed. If I end up accidentally getting really stoned it takes me longer to fall asleep initially, but after that is works the same as if a get a smaller dose.

Before I used it, one out of 3 nights I’d have long stretches where I couldn’t sleep after waking up around mid-night- now that is rare. I still get most of my rest through a series of naps every night, coming out of REM sleep every couple of hours, from dream to wakeness and then a return to sleep in 5 to 15 minutes.

In general, life is appreciably better for me since I began smoking again in this very controlled manner. I am very happy that I don’t have to purchase pharmaceutical marijuana and can have such apparent good results from an easy to grow herb out of my own garden. Unlike most of my fruit crops, aside from some early synthetic fertilizer when they are small, I grow the plants without any synthetic inputs. In the past, mold can be a problem on buds, but even when conditions are quite wet during ripening, the majority of the crop has always avoided being tainted by mold. Now I just throw anything with any mold away.

In all my years of smoking, I never have had a strain that didn’t make me tired after the initial high- that is one reason I gave up smoking recreationally. However, I have just about the same problem with alcohol.


CBN- My wife’s favorite cannabinoid.
She takes these 10mg cbn 5 thc gummies as an anti snoring, cough suppressant sleep aid. So she has these nighttime allergies that have her coughing, congested and snoring regularly interfering with our sleep. How does cbn help? Whats the mechanism?
Cytokine and inflamation reduction, and as a result less mucus production, less wheezing, less cough reflex. CBN is the only cannabinoid that does this.
Wonder if it helps grinding teeth…


There’s A ‘Continuing Problem’ Of Multi-Drug Use Among Drivers

Source: Forbes

By Tanya Mohn

January 23, 2023

Alcohol-impaired driving is involved in nearly one in three traffic fatalities, and the problem of being behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs - alone or in combination - continues to create harm on the country’s roads.

To address the continuing obstacle, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) undertook a study, officially released earlier this month, that examined the crash risk associated with different drugs – including alcohol, cannabis, prescription, over-the-counter and other drugs – and the prevalence of their use among drivers.

“Impaired driving leads to tragedy every day on our nation’s roads, but it doesn’t have to,” Jennifer Homendy, the federal safety agency’s chair, said in a statement. “To create a truly safe system – one where impaired driving is a relic of the past – states and federal agencies must implement our recommendations, and fast. Further complacency is inexcusable.”

“Alcohol, Other Drug, and Multiple Drug Use Among Drivers” aims to identify actions needed from federal and state agencies to address the growing problem of impaired driving, including from alcohol, cannabis and multiple drug use. The report also discusses countermeasures to reduce impairment-related crashes.

During the analysis, researchers found alcohol remains the most commonly detected drug in impaired driving incidents, followed by cannabis. They also found that while alcohol is most often detected alone, cannabis was most often identified in combination with alcohol or other drugs.

The report said that current testing practices and protocols need to be improved to ensure more accurate detection and reporting of incidents when drivers use drugs when behind the wheel. Many jurisdictions, for example, stop testing when a driver’s blood alcohol concentration is over a certain threshold, which can result in the loss of important information about other drugs the driver may have used.

Improving the uniformity of drug testing is also essential, according to the report. A lack of standardized drug testing and reporting, “hinders understanding of the issue and the development of policies that can reduce impaired driving, as well as treatment options for those with substance abuse disorders.”

The NTSB identified the following safety needs aimed at preventing crashes caused by impaired drivers:

. implement proven countermeasures for alcohol-impaired driving;

. address the growing problems of cannabis-, other drug-, and multiple-drug-impaired driving;

. improve drug-impaired driving laws and enforcement;

. ensure that driving safety is considered in the evaluation of prescription and over-the-counter drugs; and

. enhance systems for documenting and tracking the incidence of drug use and driving.

The report also issued 12 new recommendations:

. a requirement that cannabis products have a warning label about driving impairment;

. enhancements to state drug-impaired driving laws;

. standardization of toxicology testing for the detection of drug use; and

. research on how to improve compliance with driving-related warnings on potentially impairing prescription and over-the-counter drugs

“We’ve long known about the devastating impact of alcohol-impaired driving, but this report shows that impairment from other drugs, especially cannabis, is a growing concern that needs to be addressed,” Tom Chapman, a NTSB member, said in a statement.


The fact that so few accidents involve people only high on marijuana is suggestive that alone it may not be as dangerous as other drugs as far as impaired driving goes. Nevertheless, I would prefer if people did their drugs at home, whatever they are.


Those cities with needle swapping plans are probably the worst for health issues in general. Look at San Fran. They have an app so you can avoid the human feces and needles scattered all over their city. Sure making pot legal is going to so much difference with crime and other drug issues. I am not sure who Alan is trying to convince of this nonsense. All that you can get with making pot legal is having more and more crime and a bunch of dopers to deal with every day because it is " legal now". What a bunch of lib nonsense.

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Great info.

To be fair, the cannabis blood test just shows that someone used cannabis in the last 14-30 days. The cannabis stays in the body for up to a month. It is fat soluble and so is stored there by our bodies. Someone 2 weeks or 2 days later will have no effects of cannabis. Yet their blood would test the same as someone smoking a lit joint. Most cases have been dropped in dui charge because this is true. The police must prove intoxication in most legal states now or the charges do not stick.

Cannabis is well beyond a lib thing. It is kinda a human thing. As a matter of fact it is one of the few things that has bipartisan support in pols and in voting.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Then we vote👈

What about motivated successful family raising “dopers”? It is no more because of the cannabis than the unmotivated. Those would be unmotivated wether they used cannabis or not.

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Nope, lib thing.

Yay to lib erty! Let freedom reign!

Is it a conservative thing to hold your opinions even when facts on the ground contradict them? Not by my definition.

The world is changing, culture is changing. Liberals and conservative don’t control that. SF has a terrible drug problem partially because they are generous in government aide to addicts so they come from elsewhere for the benefits. If you talk to addicts on the streets there you will find than many came form other states.

There are also huge economic problems in CA for people who live there that don’t have high paying jobs. Economic stress and poverty in general always escalates drug addiction and crime.

If you want to believe that marijuana legalization is the root of all this, fine, but if you want to convince anyone else, show us the data.

And what exactly do you think the link about marijuana impairment showed? It had nothing to do with addiction to other drugs or crime and was only vaguely suggestive that people driving under the influence of marijuana may be impaired to the point of having more accidents. This was very limited data, but what about alcohol? Did you want to make that illegal. Can you name in any way that it is less dangerous than marijuana?

How many friends have you lost to alcohol? I was talking to a friend yesterday about the actor Jan Michael Vincent, who was a friend of ours before and after he became famous. After achieving stardom he was a constant pot smoker and cocaine snorter, but what actually destroyed his health and life was tequila. He was drunk from breakfast to night every day. If he’d stuck to all day pot smoking only we probably would still have him around to talk to… and he was a gun toting libertarian- no liberal.


Im conservative and very much support legalization of cannabis… criminalization does much more harm to society than weed does.


That’s also my stance on legalization. There is much more harm done when it is outlawed.

From a health standpoint it’s worse when people have to source it from the black market and deal with potentially shady people that will sell pesticide ridden cannabis. The Gov giving people a criminal record for cannabis use is absolutely ridiculous when they could regulate it and generate tax revenue but somehow they think giving citizens a criminal record and hurting their future job prospects makes more sense. Kentucky is a solid Red state and the overwhelming majority of people want legal cannabis. Over 80% according to some polls.

There’s only one guy standing in the way now and not allowing the bills to proceed. He just so happens to own a bourbon or whiskey business. Seems to me like he wants to protect his profits imo. When confronted on the matter he said the people can “vote him out if they dont like it”.


My guess is that almost all hospital admissions for marijuana overdose is from tinctures and edibles. Those admissions include children. That’s why I don’t like legalized retail stores. Grow it and smoke it legally is the better option.

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Show me the data that marijuana is harmless. The thing with those that like to use marijuana is always the " it’s legal now" excuse for getting high. Just like alcohol. There is absolutely no medical research to support it helping people with diseases or illnesses. Having more auto accidents and causing more accidents because they are high is something not in the stats. Usually they are drinking or have been drinking so they are charged with DUI.
I have been around people using marijuana, drugs,alcohol, etc for 40 + years professionally. Making marijuana “legal” doesn’t make it better to use. Even the ones using marijuana have killed people, robbed and assaulted people just to get money to buy more marijuana. If and when marijuana is legal does not put the criminal element out of it. These criminals will steal, rob, and bring in whatever marijuana they can get to undercut the regular price of the " legal" marijuana. Just like they steal and sell cartons of cigarettes and booze. You do not hear much about that since the flavor of the day is drugs and marijuana.
So all in all this “legalization” is nothing more than just making one impairing vice a tax revenue for the states. As long as the state gets it’s cut then it all good.
If you have not been around this type of activity, which I imagine 99% of the people here on this site have not been, then you really are just talking about something in which you have no true real life experience dealing with. I am not talking about the occasional joint or chewable. I am talking about the ones that use it more than just for recreational. I cannot fault the ones that have not seen these effects because this is something that does not effect the majority of us. But sooner or later it will with the states thinking this stuff is okay to be legal.
Nuff said from me. I am not going to go back and forth with anyone here. I know what I have seen and I know what it does to families and their communities.