Growing media for potted ichi-ki-kei-jiro persimmon, and in ground Korean Giant


Is there any recommended potting mix I should use for planting a ichi-ki-kei-jiro persimmon tree in a container? The tree is coming in a 1 gallon pot, if I use a 15-20 gallon container to repot it, approx how many years will I have before I’d have to repot bigger?

I’m also getting a dwarf Korean Giant for planting in ground. Would I need to do anything special in my soil for planting it?


Re. Planting in ground, just dig a hole and plant your KG in your native soil. If you want, you can top dress it with compost. No need to mix anything in the hole. When you said, it’s on a dwarf rootstock, do you know what it is?

I don’t have experience growing fruit trees in pots. Others with experienced could chime in.

By the way, in addition to your zone, you should list your state in your profile. It is helpful info for people giving advice.

I don’t know what rootstock, I’m planning on getting it from Stark Bros, their Starking Hardy Giant as a dwarf.

I’ve added my state. Thanks.

Stark is annoying as they don’t tell you about rootstocks.

Be careful about “dwarf”. It’s a relative term. A dwarf pear can grow 12-15 ft and a dwarf apple can be only 6-8 ft tall.

My Stark Bros dwarf Asian pears are all under 6 feet after 4 years, but I do hope I did not order dwarf ones, I want to get bigger harvest.

Wow! I was contemplating getting the dwarf or semi-dwarf. Good thing I haven’t purchased yet, so semi-dwarf it is.

Any other good places to purchase besides Stark Bros?

I am not sure at this time. My Asian pears came from cummins nursery, adam county nursery(ACN) and stark bros. I ordered normal size from ACN and ohxf 87 from cummins. Korean giant on OHxF 87 from cummins is now close to 7 feet in 3 years. ACN pears are only one year old, so I don’t know how high it will grow.

In the Reference caregory, there is a sub category called Nursery list.

Nurseries list - #106 by Bradybb.

This time of the year , it is rather late to order bare root fruit trees. Selections can be limited as varieties may be sold out.

Although I buy all my trees at a local nursery,very big and blooms the next year, they said the grower REFUSED to tell them the rootstock used!

If I can find any still in stock, would there be any problems planting this late in the season?

I hope someone in zone 7 could answer your question about planting bareroot tree in your zone. I think planting in April should be fine. My other concern is whether or not a tree you order has leafed out. If so, how much. The more a bareroot tree leaves out, the harder it would established.

If you want pear not too large, OHxF333 or 87 would do.

I got my first pear a Korean Giant from a nursery ( potted plant). You can check local nurserires, too. It will be more expensive.