Growing mushrooms from plugs


@Seedy ok I downloaded the Navmii World Ap. to my phone.
The site works well on my laptop but I don’t have internet out in the forest, but do often have GPS. So how do you use out in the woods with no internet. I must be missin sompin here…


There is an app for what3words that can be found on the website. I’ll shift over to PM since this post is about mushrooms. If anyone else wants to know about this stuff we can bring it back. The answer to the question is all w3w app needs is GPS. The photo is of Prospect Heights, IL. >>> now to PM


I’m getting some mushrooms now. I’m going to pick these for dinner, maybe spaghetti. I going out to reconfigure the logs in a minute.

There’s some small ones just starting. All are coming from the plugs.


Getting some more mushrooms with the rain, and some help with containers of water on the bottoms of some logs. Making spaghetti with chunky mushrooms when they get bigger.


We don’t get any rain at all out here in PNW for the summer so I usually dunk my logs in water, each end for about 5 seconds so they don’t dry out and shade them in pallets for the summer.
John S


Some more pictures of the same mushrooms two days latter. It rained all night and they grew fast.

I made the extra chunky mushroom spaghetti sauce. Everyone liked it. I’ll have plenty of mushrooms. These logs are just starting and I have about thirty on the logs.


I used sawdust block spawn and a palm injector from North Spore Mushrooms to inoculate oak logs last summer, check them out now! Bock spawn is more economical, $20 did this batch of logs. I did this once before, but never got a harvest like this…enough to put some up for winter cooking.


I found it’s not hard to grow my own spawn. I just buy the mushroom in the store cut it up and put it in a mason jar with a coffee filter screwed on with the lid ring. I have done it with regular mason lids too. I take a semi fresh oak log and run my power planer across it into a box. Then boil water and ad the shavings to the water let it simmer for a bit then run it through a sieve and put it in the jar. I mix it up with the mushroom chunks after it cools. You have to get all the water out too by pressing on the shavings while they are in the sieve. I use all sterile equipment too. It takes about a month for the jar to turn white. Your going to have lots of mushrooms. Your logs look healthy.


That time of year shiitakes coming back…


Looks good! I’ll add a couple ideas. You can get by with fewer plugs in a log…let’s say 3/5 of what you have and that includes putting a few in the ends, near but not in, the heartwood. (Meaning you could have two more logs going…FYI for next time.) The mycelium travels along the grain much quicker than across the grain, so I use few plugs and kind of spiral them along the log. Sealing the ends can be done but since I put 4-5 plugs in and then wax’m I don’t add extra wax unless it’s a just a splash on the heartwood. Another place I wax is where branches have been cut off. I try to use wood that has few branches but sometimes they’re unavoidable. You are overdoing instead of under-doing which is by far the best way to go at the beginning. Don’t let them get too dry. They look really good.