Growing My Own Apple Rootstock in Jamaica

Hi folks, started back growing seedling Apple Root stocks here in Jamaica. I have the space and time too ,so i decided why not, instead of throwing away my apple seeds.
Plus, apples are getting really expensive here in Jamaica ($3.00 USD for 2 apples) and the price isn’t going down either, especially with the lock-downs. You can check out my progress here :

Apple Seedling Rootstocks Video


@applenut has helped apple growers in Congo so you should have luck growing in your warm climate.

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So right now i have close to over 100 seedling rootstock and i just order winter banana, Gala Pink lady & Williams pride scion wood. But the question is how will i get them in Jamaica for grafting? Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan I’ll have them here before January, Fingers cross.

Welcome Sean! Apples are probably the most forgiving fruit for grafting. I had a few grafts fail this year, but it was my first time trying and I didn’t know the omega style grafting tools were not very effective. I’d recommend reading through the guide I put together: Beginner Grafting Guide. Feel free to message me with any questions but applenut will be an infinitely more experienced resource with his experience growing in warm regions. I would highly recommend searching the forum for low chill apple varieties. That is likely your biggest challenge once you get pruning methods under control with applenut’s guidance.

Nice, i think I’m going to go with chip bud grafting. Since I’m going to be limited with only 4 scion wood, this method seems to be the best to use to maximize the efficiency of the buds.

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