Growing persimmon trees from seed

Hi, I planted a few fuyu persimmon seeds three years ago but seems that nothing make them grow stronger, every spring time grow approximately 4-5 inches and then in winter they loose all leaves, but when spring comes again the little tree that loose the leaves had die and a new shoot grows, is basically a cycle that is not letting the tree grows stronger. I live on a mountain that is cold all year round, summers heats don’t pass the 60* Fahrenheit during daylight but at night is always cold. can the weather be the caused of what is happening to my trees? Thank you for your responses

How cold does it get there in the winter? D. kaki is somewhat cold sensitive (I’m seeing zone 7 or maybe 6).

Welcome Max, the answer to your question is yes, specially Kaki persimmons. Cold weather and altitude might be the factors the reason your saplings keep dying. It would be best for you to get some hybrids.

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I have a property in the mountains of Central America, the lowest may be 30 degrees Fahrenheit

Thank you for your advise


You could try growing the D. Virginiana persimmons from seeds and then graft some other varieties.

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I planted wild american seeds last fall in this container. The largest one is 43 inch tall now with the lower part of the trunk near 1/2 inch.

I have had them in full sun south slope… and they have grown nicely. I plan to use them as rootstock… graft some named variety to them next spring.

April 25… this is what they looked like.




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Impressive indeed. They must really enjoy the heat you get in TN. Here are my seedlings growing in my yard from the seeds you sent me. The tallest one is about a foot. We had a very cool spring in the PNW so some of them didn’t even emerge until end of June/early July.

@SteadyStan — yes… it must be the south eastern heat that persimmons love.

Mulberries too… the Gerardi mulberry I grafted this spring has grown over 5 ft since April.

Your seedlings are looking great, just not as big, but they will get there.

Good Luck !


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Max, if your low temperature only goes to 30 F you should be able to grow Asian persimmons. Have you mulched and fertilized around them?