Growing persimmon trees in pot


I am located in Seattle zone 8b. I have limited space in my yard with 6+ hours of sun. Therefore, I am considering growing persimmon trees in pots.

I am thinking of the following varieties:

Nikita’s gift

I have a saijo in the ground currently in its second year. In full sun. It did not flower this year. It’s branch structure is joy that great either. I am thinking of getting a new saijo.

Any advice would be great!

Give it 4-5 years.

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Is the intention to limit the eventual size of the persimmon tree by growing it in a pot?

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It is indeed to limit its size as I don’t have much space. Some of the sunny space I have is on a stone patio…

Maybe I am being too ambitious and I can’t really have these persimmons,

I have a rotal of five 7 years old Tam Tam in the 20 gallon pots.


Wow. Ok, I will keep the existing one and not buy a replacement. I was wondering if it was defective because it didn’t flower and doesn’t have many branches. Looks like a straight stick,

Wow, that tree looks beautiful. Ok, this gives me hope.

When do you feel you will have to repot into something larger?

I haven’t repot at all in 7 years. Just added more Miracle-Gro moisture control potting mix to the pot when they break down every few years. I also cover the base of the pots with fresh grass clippings every 2 weeks for water conservation and slow release of nitrogen from the decomposed grass.


I planted seeds from wild american last fall… and now have these 2 growing in a container. Plan to separate and plant them out after they go dormant this fall and perhaps graft next spring.

The larger one is 40 inches tall now.


I second @tonyOmahaz5. Persimmons grow well in a pot, and you can trim them aggressively to keep them small since they fruit on current year growth. Constricting the roots, which the pot does, seems to induce earlier fruiting. Just make sure not to fertilize all that much or else they’ll drop their fruits.


Here is the row of my potted kaki and hybrids.

Tam kam nonastringent kaki

5 prok crossed with Jerry’s Lehman Nikita’s Gift offspring male.

2 potted JT-02

3 yrs old potted Rojo Brillante

15 potted Tam Kam crossed with Chocolate male.

Just grafted last month the JBT 06. JT-02 crossed with Rossyanka male F1.


These are stunning @tonyOmahaz5. Thank you so much for sharing, I am amazed at how healthy each tree looks.

What is the exposure like? Do you use standard potting soil or something special?

I feel brave enough to get a Nikiae’s gift nue and out it in a pot on my patio.

The weather have been in the 90s to 101F for the last 4 weeks and more are coming. I watered them well at 6pm daily. The grass clippings covered the base of the tree help prevent water loss. I used Miracle-Gro moisture control potting mix the blue bag from Costco. $15 for a super large bag.


Thank you @tonyOmahaz5 for the info!

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All the Tam Kam nonastringent fruits should be crossed with Jerry’s Lehman Nikita’s Gift offspring male -31F cold hardy because it is the only male in the orchard this year. The offsprings of this crossed should be very cold hardy for sure.

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What are you using for your potting soil?

Miracle Gro moisture control potting mix. The blue bag.