Growing strawberries with raspberries

I have a bed of raspberries. For the first season I was growing some strawberries in the same bed that Indiana berry sent me by mistake. They did grow well and fruit decently

I then read that they should not be grown together due to disease issues and I wasn’t thrilled about Monterey strawberries anyway, so I removed the plants. I placed an order for MdB recently. I was thinking of growing them in pots but I am rethinking this spot as its perfect for the strawberries. They get decent sun and don’t need to water them separately (Of course, I’ll increase watering in the beds). How serious are the disease issues in growing them together? All my plants are from Indiana Berry/Nourse farms, so I am assuming disease-free when they come in. Is it worth the risk? Any issues I am overlooking in growing them together?

Raspberries travel if you let them. If left to their own devices they will crowd out the strawberries .Ask me how I know?


Since strawberries typically decline after 3 years or so anyhow…putting the two in the same bed makes sense to me. (The disease to the raspberries would be of some concern…but not a risk to the strawberries if you get some disease resistant variety…Earlyglow for instance).
Of course, berries I grow might not work in California.

If this is a raised bed, fine. Otherwise, having any harvestable crop underfoot around caneberries makes the caneberry harvest an exercise in “watch where you step”.