Growing the infamous Habanero! Salsa Garden!


subgood_ky, I am Growing Trinidad Scorpion this year…already have many red and ripe. My three plants are about four feet tall, growing like crazy and absolutely LOADED with peppers.The 7-Pot is supposed to be a scorcher also. The Trinidads are WAY hotter than Habaneros so be cautious on your first try of youe 7-Pots… Let us know how they turn out! Love to know what you think of the 7-Pots. Good growing. Randy/GA


Thanks, yes i will be very careful with them. I cut up a ripe Hab the other day and managed to eat most of it. It seemed to be hotter than last year’s crop. As I mentioned our plants are quite large and are loaded.

While I was cutting that Hab up, I stupidly touched the insides when I was cutting it into smaller pieces. That night my fingertips were stinging, and they didn’t feel like normal until the next afternoon… So, you gotta be careful around them!

Those Trinidad Scorpions you have are quite potent as well, I think some 7-pot varieties are descendants of them. We have some hot sauce that has Scorpion extract in it, I put a bit of it on chicken sometimes, quite strong!


Oh that looks good! Would you mind sharing the recipe? I may have to grow habeneros next year just for these.


I wish I could take credit for the recipe. I had one at this amazing restaurant in Portland, (Andina, highly recommend). The drink is called Sacsayhuamán and they posted the recipe here.

I took their suggestion and used Perfect Purée passion fruit. Specialty produce in San Diego carries it, but I’m sure they’d be just as tasty with frozen maracuja from one of the ethnic groceries or with your own passion fruit if the labor isn’t too intensive!


In a month or so, I should have enough passion fruit to try. I’ll have to buy some habenero peppers this time around to get the pepper vodka. Thank you for sharing!


These are turning out great


These look as hot as fire! Something bit some holes in leaves but for some reson thsy stopped lol


Yes they are beautiful plants with beautiful fruit. I grew them for several years and really loved growing them. They are the only plant I grew the bugs wouldn’t touch and were just loaded with tons of perfect fruit. I have since stopped growing them though as they were just too hot to use and they always ended up getting thrown away. I tried making hot sauce, but nothing would turn down the heat. I’ve found Tabasco peppers much easier to work with to get a good sauce. We also use a lot of jalapeños as they’re very easy to use straight if stored in vinegar And sea salt.


They look delicious to me :grinning:

We use a lot of habaneros. If you cut the veins and seeds out I find them to be sweet and fruity with a nice kick. (I do like a lot of heat though)


Nice, those look like my plants, very prolific. And they have been verry hot this year compared with last season. We put in about 3-5 Habs per batch of salsa we did this week, and it’s pretty warm.


Heavy fruiting plants for sure but they produce less than other hot peppers I have grown such as jalapeño and thai hot dragons!


Our California Rare Fruit Growers meeting has a buffet table set up in back where people bring samples of whatever bizarre tropical fruits they’re growing for others to taste, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Someone had brought a big bowl of habaneros, which were quite attractive and all different colors. The lady in front of me was going down the line of samples, nibbling as she went, and obviously didn’t recognize them for what they were and I saw her about to put the whole habanero pepper into her mouth. Time switched to slow motion as I reached for her and said “nooooooooooo”, but too late, she bit down. Ding ding ding ding, smoke came out of her ears, her eyes teared up instantly, and all she could do was say “oh my, oh my!”. We both looked at the drink section and that was left was a little apple juice in the bottom of a jug, I told here “you’d better head for the bathroom!”. She ran off, and I never did see her again.


Cannot imagine what her insides went through!


Fresh tomatoes are one of those things I grow where fresh really does matter! No store bought or green house grown tomato is close to the flavor of homegrown vine ripened tomato’s!

There is also the habeneros and bell peppers! It’s more difficult to tell with peppers the freshness though we can always grow much better than we can buy. Pick them today and use them today! These things are Packed with nutrition!


Your Hab plants are loaded, just like mine. Yours looks bigger than mine, they’re quite bushy and low to the ground. I was just down in the patch picking bells and jalapeños, and noticed the Hab plants will need to picked soon, just about all the pods are orange now.

Have you tasted any of the Hab’s yet? Should make for quite the spicy salsa.

Your tomatoes look good too, what variety are they? Our plants have just about played out, just a few Brandywines left.


Yes the habenero are rich and hot. The tomatoes are big boy , better boy, and early girl. Brandywine is a really excellent tomato in my opinion! They produce fairly good and are meaty, big, and packed with true tomato flavor similar to black tomatoes.


Its that time of year again in Kansas. Its supposed to be a cold winter but its hard for me to see how that could be true lol!!! im cutting my habeneros off at the ground and bringing them in to deal with as i get around to it. In all seriousness though our first frost may come tonight and its certainly possible as cold as it feels.


Clark, Good looking habaneros! How do you utilize them??
Just picked about half of mine…am making a relish (uncooked) that a local Mexican Taqueria was serving on the side and loved it. Randy/GA


May dry some, freeze some, can some in salsa but im not sure how i will use so many yet. Its a great problem to have to many of something. I’ve been sharing them with friends and family as a result. Im open to suggestions but worse case scenario i suspect they are a good repellant at times.


One thing I know… don’t rub your face!! Especially near your eyes… LOL