Growing thornless blackberries in wicking containers

I am wanting to grow two Ponca blackberry plants in Earth Boxes. Will that be a problem? Should I leave the mounded top uncovered or cover it? If I do cover it, how will the new canes come up. If I don’t cover it, will the rain hurt it? Should I use liquid fertilizer in the reservoir or fertilize the soil every season in the trench like I did in the start?

Check out Texas prepper 2 on YouTube, he has lots of videos about this. I have a couple poncas growing in large pots that have done better than my in ground plants. They seem to thrive in the th pots without doing anything special. I use regular potting soil, water about twice a week, keep mulched , and give them a little 13-13-13 every 6 weeks or so during the growing season.

I think grow bags are better than wicking tubs. The mix you put in while planting is probably the most important thing of all…due to the years that it has to sustain the roots. Something like ProMix BX mixed with pine bark fines and Diatomaceous Earth would give you a good start. I would cover the top with pine bark fines left over from the soil mix. You shouldnt have to worry about fertilizing for a year at least… plenty of nutrition in the soil mix…and most of the energy will be focused on root growth.

The size of the container used is a good indication of how long you can get by. 17 gallon is the minimum i think for blackberries…