Growing Truffles

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I hope truffles are an acceptable topic on this forum? Just wondered if anyone has tried growing them and can give me any advice? I’m particularly interested in the French Perigord Black Truffle. I just ordered 3 trees that are inoculated with French Perigord Black Truffle Spores. (English oak trees).

We have white oak growing along our property line. Has anyone else attempted this? Any luck? Thank you!


If you haven’t already, I recommend you read “Taming The Truffle”. Quite comprehensive, it tackles the matter of trufficulture with great detail, mostly geared to the interested layman. I read it cover to cover, and still refer to it the the interest resurfaces. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Off the top of my head, the most important part of trufficulture seems to be the soil: they need it well-drained and alkaline.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I just saw this. Much appreciated and I will get this. Have you had luck with growing truffles?

I haven’t made the attempt. I don’t have the space & resources to justify attempting it yet (even a lone tree costs a pretty penny). When the time is right, I’ll try either a Pecan truffle or a Summer truffle; either of them seem like they’d handle the tropics better than a Perigord, though they’re native to similar climes. Summer truffles seem to have the broadest tolerances among the better truffle types.

My pecan trees in Texas panhandle produce truffles. I certainly had nothing to do with it except planting the trees and mulching them with wood chips. We definitely do have alkaline soil.

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We actually have an old Extension publication for growing truffles in Texas. Private message me your email and I will send it to you. It’s geared towards Texas though, and the industry never caught on for some reason.


Pm sent, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Anyone growing truffles now? “Many are in predictably forested corners of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and North Carolina”. How Truffles Are Grown And What Makes Them So Special.

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