Growing water spinach - multiple methods

As your aware i have ponds and water storage as well as garden space. What i’m always needing are easy plants to grow that are healthy. In this case i suspect this will appeal to people who have small backyard ponds who would like water lover plants. The other group it appeals to are those who want heat loving greens.

Going to try growing water spinach as shown below

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Started my water spinach test a few minutes ago. Collected snow melt and rainwater today from the drain pipes. Im soaking the seeds using a paper towell and rain water. Then i submerged them in tap water i had sitting out overnight.

This is another method that looks interesting

These like heat and don’t do well in cooler temps. When I grow them they are the first to succumb to colder weather outside. They also grow well in regular soil. If your warm season is long enough you may be able to collect seed in late fall depending on when the cold arrives.

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6 days later starting to get some sprouts

Soaked the seed 24 hours then i added a few wet paper towels in an old salad box. Then i added seeds then a few damp paper towels on top. Towels are damp not wet. Squeezed them out so as not to drown them but give them plenty of moisture.

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