Growing Wine Grapes

Hey folks,

I have an opportunity to grow wine grapes on a 1-2 acre hillside. I’ve just started my research on varieties, support systems, irrigation, fertilization, fumigation, seasonal tasks, harvest etc. Is there a good, reliable resource for me to research online?

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Depending on how serious you are it would pay to hire an expert. I would save you from redoing things a few years down the road when you finally figure out what you would have done differently. It could be that you have a great site or that you should give up the idea of wine grapes and focus on table grapes.

There are also a number of books on the subject. Out of idle curiosity I read a few a while back (I have access to the O’reilly online library). My takeaway was that if I ever had a few acres for serious grape growing, specially if they were for wine, that I would hire an expert to help me get it right from the get-go.


UC Davis has an institute dedicated to viticulture. They dissiminate information to farmers and backyard growers at various levels of detail through online guides, short courses, certifications, and degree programs.


@don1357 who would be that expert?

@Richard do you have a link?

Do you have Google? :rofl:

Nothing came up unless I wanted a degree in viticulture.

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Google “viniculture consultants US”. They would asses your terrain, weather, water, best layout, and the ideal roots and vines to grow.

etc., click around on those