SSL certificate

To my knowledge does not currently have an ssl certificate (and so it doesn’t support https). This is why we get the warning when logging in, and why browsers may say “Not Secure” (google chrome is going to start showing these messages on sites lacking https.
Avoiding the Not Secure Warning in Chrome  |  Web  |  Google Developers

An ssl certificate can be obtained for free and is simple to set up:

It may be wise to obtain an SSL certificate sometime soon.


@scottfsmith handles the website. Since there is no financial information ssl/tls has not been a big deal. Scott will see the thread pretty soon and I’m sure want to take a look at the excellent information provided.


I agree ssl is a very good thing and getting it hooked up is on my to do list. While an ssl certificate is easy to obtain, it is not easy to get the Discourse configuration I am currently running to work with it. I did look into it and learned of many glitches and errors.

I am planning on re-building the site from scratch at some point and plan to add ssl at that point. Meanwhile do be aware that your password could in theory be sniffed, so stay logged in indefinitely or use a distinct password here.