Guardian Rootstock in Northern Climates?

Does anyone have experience with how Guardian rootstock fairs in northern climates such as 6a? The disease resistance is important to me. Though, one chart says its primarily used in the southeast?


Iā€™m not sure what rootstock diseases you are trying to avoid in your area, but Guardian does fine here in zone 6. Last winter it got to -17 and no peach trees died, including those on Guardian.

A few years ago I went to a fruit conference in MI. One fruit specialist had done a lot of research on cold tolerance of peach rootstocks. Guardian came out on top (most cold tolerant) in his research.



I like that it has bacterial canker resistance. Perhaps it wont make much difference as the canker seems on the trunk or limbs rather than root stock and the cankers may not be always bacterial but instead fungal? Either way, it seems to be a better choice than having a lower resistance.

I like how you are zone 6 and you are getting colder than me in zone 5. We have not gone below -10 in years now where I live.

Yeah, last winter sort of broke our zone. It was about a 30 year low. Generally speaking -10F is a very cold winter here.

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