Guavas in NorCal (Bay area)


Guavas are not for everyone - hard seeds, thick flesh and sometimes have raw/unripe taste. At their best they are also creamy, sweet scented and delicious. You’d love it or hate it and I haven’t seen many converts. I myself, am not a big fan of the hard, crunchy varieties that are usually consumed with sauces or spices, but I do love the soft-fleshed ones. I tried researching different varieties that I might like and has a decent chance to survive our winter here in coastal California. I thought of documenting the cultivars here as I grow them, in terms of hardiness, productivity and fruit quality as I only found scant first-hand information online on growing guavas in our area.


The first one is Lemon Guava (Psidium cattleyanum var. littorale). This is probably the best bet in our area to have a hardy, productive and bushy tree with delicious fruits. The fruits have the typical, creamy, tropical white guava flavor with a hint of lemon. There is one trade-off though - small size of the fruits. With aggressive thinning, the size can be about the size of a cherry.

Starts flowering towards the end of May. The new growth at the tips have a cool orange color

Fruit set by mid June

Needs a lot of thinning

Starts ripening in late Sep and produces until late Oct

The tree puts up with neglect, part-sun, standing water from spring rain as it was next to a downspout (changed now) without any problems. I do hear there are cultivars with bigger fruits, I need to hunt for some cuttings or seeds.


I had to bring this indoor in the winter (zone 6) but it would been better if it was outdoor. The smell is awesome when it ripen.


What is the variety? Where did you get the plant?