Guess what this is

Just for fun.

I know at least one member here has these growing. So, it’s possible that the first answer could nail it. My only hint is that I’m happy to see these buds and blooms.

I apologize that the image isn’t sharper. The camera insisted on focusing on the background.

Are those mango flowers? That looks like a banana and fig in the background. None of those plants besides the fig grow here. The other thing in the background looks kind of like a jujube and kinda like a nut tree. Actually I guess mango would bloom in February or so because it’s mango season here. It is a fruit correct?

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When I first saw Clark guessed mango, I thought to myself, no way.

Then, I googled images of mango flowers, there was one pic that had flowers looked like Muddy pic. The test of the pics looked like mango flowers I know.

Always learn something.


Mango flowers do grow on panicles, generally denser than this, and their individual flowers are sooooo unbelievably tiny. I think I have a pic of some at the beginning of my Ice Cream thread. You’re correct about fig and banana leaves showing there. There leaves for this tree also show to the right of the floret, in front of a banana. Yes, it’s a bloom for an edible fruit. This type of tree can bloom at various times of the year, and practically year round in certain conditions, which I can’t provide.

Yes, many mangoes bloom in Jan/Feb, although they bloomed mostly in March in FL this year because of the wonky East coast winter. They grow a lot of the Kents that you’re enjoying there. Sometimes they put out a second crop later.

All of that was good deductions, but it’s not a mango flower. Not even a relative. @mamuang was correct with her intuition.

I sort of glad the game wasn’t over with the first guess. :smile:

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How about starfruit ?





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:tada: :trophy: :trophy: :confetti_ball:

¡Ay, caramba! Or in this case, carambola. :smile: Otherwise known as starfruit. You two got it @chartman and @ampersand. I hope you enjoy your trophies.

I was happy to see it’s new growth flushes, but didn’t expect blooms until I saw the bud clusters popping out here and there. If they set, they’ve got plenty of time to ripen before I have to prep the tree for winter. One thing I’m learning is that when plants are grown out of their normal environments, they are full of surprises, not all of them bad.


I do have a little stick of a future guava tree that I resuscitated after bare rooting it from Puerto Rico. The little guy did not enjoy the experience of naked roots and turned crispy brown and lost all leaves. I could see that life remained. So, I created a humidity dome and gave it lots of hours of filtered light. Now it’s out of its IPCU (Intensive Plant Care Unit) and progressing nicely. There won’t be any blooms on that tiny guy for a few years.

Good guess! I hope you guys enjoyed playing along with me.

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Nice to know, Muddy. I have never paid attention to a single star fruit flower :blush: Growing up, I walked by a star fruit tree covered with flowers many times.