Is this gummosis? Anything I can apply to treat at this point, or are these 3 trees goners?

The 3 trees are dapple supreme pluot, Zee sweet combo Pluot, and Craig’s crimson cherry.

From what I know gummosis is really more of a symptom than a disease itself. What you need to figure out is why your bark is cracked. Could be canker could be borer etc. depending on the pest pressure where you live. My experience is that most of the time trees survive with some canker just fine even when it is quite large.

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I initially thought it might be environmental triggered (sun damage even though I’ve been using tree paint), but I’m more concerned since it’s involving more than one tree.

Im starting to wonder if it’s canker. I may try to remove some of the more isolated areas, but don’t know how infectious this might be to my other (currently healthy) trees.