Gurney’s experiences?

Alright folks- talk me off the edge. Gurney’s is offering free shipping for $50 orders, but their prices are absurd. I am very interested in Ka-bluey blueberry and Ponca (I know Ponca is available elsewhere). Of course both of these come to 2 cents less than free shipping. @jcguarneri did your rhubarb end up living? That one looks good but your review scares me. If I went with Kanga-ru and Ka-bluey I’d get the free shipping…

I don’t NEED any of the above, but it’s still a tantalizing prospect. Maybe I should wait for a coupon code? Maybe wait 20 years for patents to expire? Thoughts?

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I was in Yankton, South Dakota last fall. The word on the street is they no longer have any footprint there. That they are a mail order consolidator and don’t have their own nursery any longer. Long since abandoned buildings. Kind of sad.

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Gurney’s spring catalog runs a order $50 get $25 off, $100-$50,$200-$100, you get the picture. Brings them closer to reasonable. Code on my catalog good till tomorrow

Last I checked Indiana Berry had Ponca for $6.25 each. Ordered some last year. Good starts all lived, ordered 1 Crimson Red rhubarb did not.

Don’t know if that will talk you off the edge or throw fuel on the fire.

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I was wondering if they had any coupons, this might make the edge a little less steep if I decide to jump :joy:

It was alive at the end of summer, so I’d be shocked if it didn’t make it. It wasn’t too bad of a plant, but it did need a bit more babying than what I would expect when buying professionally produced material.

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Never pay full price at Gurneys.

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Nope. Definitely not.

Hi all, I ordered a jujube tree from Gurney’s this year, but they keep pushing the ship date back and saying it’s backordered. I’m thinking about canceling and ordering elsewhere before it’s too late. Has anyone else experienced this?

Before you cancel, make sure you can actually buy it somewhere else… Jujube are hard to come by right now.

I also ordered a jujube from Gurneys this year, my account says its backordered, but still scheduled to ship before the end of March (which is pretty standard spring shipping time for my area/zone).

When they have the 50 percent off sale what is their shipping rate? Right now it’s free shipping over $75.

It was around 15 for a $50 order and $21 for a $100 order on my cart. I decided to wait for a better price or for more room in the yard to open up. The later will probably be the opposite by the time I get back to thinking about Gurney’s…

i would buy from the many other online nurseries unless gurney or burpee has an exclusive plant i wanted. it is one of my last choices

  1. better price elsewhere even with the discount it not competive in the plant size you receive to the price pay.
  2. overall qaulity of the grafted trees its sort of like home depot or amazon plants when you receive it. hard to explain except i was disappointed after paying $200 (with discount code)
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After trying my first rubinette apple this week I bit the bullet and bought one from Gurneys. They are the only one with rubinette in stock that isn’t on fully dwarfing rootstock. I didn’t want to wait another year to get one from a better nursery. If I get a live tree with a decent graft, I’ll be happy.

I bought some Sundance apple trees from them last year that were dead on arrival. They were not packed with paper or damp media of any kind and the roots were dried out. But they did replace no questions asked. New trees arrived with in a week or two. Problem is, the trees had such poor shape/pruning I had a really hard time pruning them for shape yesterday (1 year in ground). We will see what happens.

I didn’t like how Gurneys was pushing back the ship date, so I canceled last week and got a jujube from Isons that arrived today. Hopefully your orders will get shipped out soon.

Fingers crossed!

I just checked out isons, after reading your post, but they don’t have honeyjar, which is what I’m really looking for.

You live near Philly so just go to Chinatown or the Vietnamese markets in South Philly during spring or summer to look for potted Honey Jar jujube. I’ve seen them for sale on the sidewalk the past few years. They tend to be around 5-6 feet tall so you’ll need to do some maneuvering to get them into an average car.


I hate driving in the city… I’d have to figure out a way to get them on the regional rail :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update for anyone interested:

I received my bare root honey jar jujube from Gurneys last week. It was completely dried out and dead. They had shipped it in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. There was no moist paper or sawdust to keep the roots from drying out, and one side of the plastic bag was not sealed, so the plastic bag did not even keep any moisture in. The scratch test was completely brown. So thumbs down for that.

The only positive is that they processed my refund (including shipping) immediately once I emailed them with pictures of the dead honeyjar. So, at least I’m not out any money. But, I have to wait another whole year to try jujubes.