Hachiya Kaki seedling


I found a Hachiya seed in one of the fruit 4 weeks ago and plant it with no stratification and it sprouted.



Store bought fruit?


Yes. The only way to get this seedling to fruit sooner is to let it grow a year and take a scion and graft it to an establish persimmon tree.


I was thinking it could have got enough cold from storage.


Hi Tony. Are those other green sprouts trifoliate orange seedlings?


Yes. I got the seeds from @lordkiwi. I planted seven seeds. Do you want to grow some?


Them some happy seeds.


Won’t fruit earlier by putting a seedling bud on an established tree other than the fact that the bud will grow faster on a larger tree. Seedling still must go thru juvenile period before fruiting. I’ve grafted citrus seedlings on a root stock to get the benefits of the root stock.


Here is interesting read to Reducing the length of the breeding cycle: manipulating cultural conditions



Thanks for sharing! That was a fascinating article. I’d heard of each of these individual techniques, but the idea of combining them to decrease the time within generations and the number of generations is brilliant. I especially like the idea of using transgenic rootstock to induce early flowering in a newly bred clone. I’ve not been a fan of most GMO applications to date (ie a vehicle to sell herbicides), but this is just the type of application I can get behind.


Hi Tony. This trifoliate orange is interesting. Have you tasted the fruit before and does it have any useful applications?


I just want to trial it in Z5. It is supposed to be for Z6. I will use the leaves for cooking seafood. The rind can made into candied. The sour juice can substitute for lemon juice.


Trifoliate Orange requires some for thought. The Juice is sour and has the twang of pine. The pine flavor is off putting to anyone expecting the normal flavors of Orange, Limon, Lime or Grapefruit. But if you tasted other culinary citrus such as Calamansi you might reconize some of the notes. Trifoliate is just quite simply way off balance.

With that in mind if you add Trifoliate juice to orange juice to me it tastes very much like sweetened Calamansi. If cut with lemon, lime or other citrus juice and I’m sure you could have a convincing substitute for Yuzu, Sudachi, or Calamansi

Now to process Trifoliate/Poncitrus/Flying dragon. Sit the fruit on the counter for two weeks and enjoy the fragrance. At this point the otherwise juiceless seedy core will have envolved into a seedy core with some juice. Remove the juice and add cut it with other citrus juice, use how ever you desire.

The peel can then be used for other recipes.

Marmalade - Some recipes on the internet call for boiling them with several changes of water, then turning the remainder in to marmalade. I find that to be a waste as I think trifoliate tastes great with proper dilution. I like the idea of using 1 or 2 per batch or orange or grapefruit marmalade as a flavor enhancer.

Oleo Saccharum - Which is citrus flavored syrup made by covering the peels with sugar and resting it for at least 24 hour so that they hydroscopic sugar pulls the oil and flavor from peel. You can then use the syrup for soda, citrus aid’s etc. Properly made 1 part syrup to 4 parts water/sparking water would be the desired result. If at that dilution there is not enough flavor use more peels next time. But more likely if at that dilution the flavor is too strong use more sugar. You might also want to do one quick parboil.

Candied Citrus peal - the Kissing cousin to Oleo Sacchrum and marmalade, I have not made any my self but i would think you can use trifoliate to enhance the flavor of the other citrus peals but I would discard the actualy trifoliate peel after. remember a little goes a long way.