Hail damage?

This is the first year some of my trees, mostly apple, are starting to really produce and the first year I’ve taken spraying seriously. I started with dormant oil, then captan with topsin m, then added imidan to the mix after petal fall. We’ve had a lot of rain so I’ve sprayed imidan/captan/topsin m 3 times. My plan was to switch to avaunt for the rest of the season. It seems I have a mite infestation so I ordered some horticultural soap and mixed it with avaunt yesterday. My apples were looking great until i noticed yesterday most of them have dents that are browning up on the top half of the fruit.

We had a few storms earlier in the week at night, but I didn’t see or hear hail. Does this look like hail damage or something else? I live in Niagara county, NY about 5 miles from Lake Ontario.

Yes it looks like hail. The fruit will do better than might be expected. Even one that bad will likely make it to harvest. At least here it would. WE don’t have summer diseases of the fruit.

Yup- looks like hail to me. It’s a pain; I had about 1/3 of my apples damaged by hail one year. They don’t keep as well and certainly aren’t as attractive. Injury points attract birds and bugs.

“Sorry about your luck, soldier!”

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It does not look like the hail damage that I have seen on the pictures that I have looked at on the web. The pictures have a more cracked appearance. However, other than that, I would be just grasping at straws as to what it could be.