Haircut day

The squirrels took the last of the plums from my Methley so I went to town cutting out black knot and bringing it back to a manageable size. I studied the limbs with black knot and @scottfsmith was spot on when he said shading can trigger black knot. Pretty much every black knot hit was on a shaded limb so I went to town opening up the tree so sunlight can get to every branch and leaf. I need to do a better job with my summer pruning.


With the resulting shoots that will come off of the limbs you just pruned will they have enough time to make fruit buds for next year spring?
I wonder about that with Plums and peaches and also apples I guess the question is when is it too late to prune so that the resulting shoots will have fruit blossoms next year?

A good question. I pruned my aprium recently instead of waiting for after fruiting in hopes of getting more fruiting wood next year

The lower part of the tree still has tons of fruiting wood. Should get a ton of flowers next spring. Now that it’s a manageable height it will also be easier to pick fruit.

Thanks for in depth explanation!

Looks great!