Half acre orchard in West Cork, Ireland

You had a good post going…until somebody besides me started talking climate emergency.

Put it into the lounge if you don’t want to hear anybody talk that don’t agree with you.

Yes I saw this in the recent reports. As the ocean temperatures shift they will physically expand due to heat, not just addition of meltwater. Climate is a complex system and anyone trying to make it sound simple is probably simple themselves.

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To be honest you took it there. The topic was on track and one very specific bit of recent news was introduced and talked about by people who had read about it. Then you came in talking about farts and showing you weren’t following the conversation at all and had only political soundbites to share. I like your posts here on things you know about, why not bow out gracefully and post another day.

Scroll back up, you were the only one who derailed this thread. You can’t drop into a thread, drop some politicized misinformation, then blame other people for trying to correct you.

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I had the first rebuttal to a speculation on climate.
If that’s a hi-jack, then I’m guilty.

Re-butt out.

C’mon is it really climate speculation for someone to say it’s been a mild winter?? You’re stretching real hard to find someone else to blame.

I’d like to formally apologize to @nosummer for my role in the derailing of this thread, and suggest that it should be moved back to the fruit growing section instead of the lounge (it looks like @fruitnut moved it, but I don’t even think the OP has access to the lounge).


I do have access. The thread is under moderation and will hopefully be moved back as it’s about fruit. Thanks for saying that though, i also got plenty annoyed myself. I’m just sick of pretending like the kid who comes up to the table at the dinner party and wants to talk about his pee pee has something interesting to say.


good things about an ice age long term is that ocean levels would drop significantly, so more land with rich soil. Also that tropical temps would drop a few degrees on average so the sub tropics essentially expand significantly which is arguably the most ideal climate for apes like ourselves.

Take in some info on Doggerland or Sundaland, two ancient land masses that were human hotspots that are now underwater.

Stay positive out there guys!


Wow, just found this thread and wanted to say that’s some incredibly organized planning. I aspire to this level of detail in my future updates on how my parcel is shaping up (once I actually move there end of the month and can get started). Keep up the good work!

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I plan to do a big update with lots of pics once it’s tidied up for spring. There’s been a lot of growth and I’ve done a lot of work since the first post on things like paths, edging, and raised beds, and I’ve returned the grass to meadow so there’ll be native wildflowers everywhere too.