Hamlin Orange

Apparently this Hamlin orange didn’t get posted. In the first year of growing it gave me 4 small oranges. I think they are already starting to ripen? The tag does say “ripens Oct-Jan”. In say 8 months I can grow oranges I guess. Thats crazy! LOL
First pic is from March 12 2020 the day it came home.

April 11

Middle of July

Nov 3


Happy little tree for sure.

Update Dec 1 Here are all four oranges


Well today I picked the first one. I was doing some reading and they were saying to pull and twist. It came off with off with very little effort.

People have said never judge a tree or plant by it’s first crop. Surprisingly this orange was soo sweet no bitterness and juicy like you can see in the pics! Even with only a few cool nights it seemed to colour up nicely. I found it much nicer then a Washington Navel with one seed in the fruit. The three others I will leave and pick one a week.

Dec 12 #Canadiangrown


Hamlin orange going crazy again! Feb 26


Hamlin is a nice orange. I have one and love it. Makes a lot of fruit.


You had me until that line lol.^^
There’s a reason why the Washington Navel is the gold standard of sweet oranges.
I’m sure your oranges are surprisingly good. But it’s a fact a warmer climate I.e. California/Washinton navels are so sweet…

But congrats, it’s a very cool accomplishment in your climate, no doubt.

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I am sure you are right. Definitely not the case when they are shipped from south Africa and other areas. Yes when they are from California they are great. Usually we see them by box and labelled well… otherwise a much lesser quality. More often then not they are from those other places.

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Here’s my 2 cents

Actually, California/ Washington naval rank well below Hamlin in sugar content which is also much juicier. There’s a reason Hamlins are grown for its juice, otherwise they would be squeezing naval orange instead.

Gold standard? Lots of people here in Florida would disagree with you on that one. Maybe out where you are it’s considered the gold standard but here in Florida the Florida Naval is the best. Washington naval gets respect but surely not king of naval orange.

Manderines are king in the sweetness category as far as I’m concerned and tops here in my garden. Followed closely by Dekapon. Way above the juice and Navel varieties in my garden. Especially in sweetness, then my Hamlin, lastly my navels. And there are all good and sweet.

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This debate will never be settled in a fruit growing forum. Enjoy your Hamlin’s. People in CA will respectfully disagree. (As well as 90% of grocery stores in the country lol)

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Sure it can, grow a Hamlin and see for yourself, there’s a good reason this old cultivar is still being grown.
haha. Take care

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Lol. Would love too. Only have a sliver of sunny space to plant a Gold Nugget Mandarin :tangerine: :sunglasses:


Now that’s what I’m looking for is the Gold Nugget Manderine to add to my collection. Where did you get yours?

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Garden centers here in NorCal stock them. I haven’t picked mine up yet, but already saw a few at my local nursery.

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I haven’t seen them here but I’m in a small town. Is love to try growing one. I have dekapon but I’m hearing Gold Nugget is better. Suppose to be sweeter.

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That’s what I’ve heard as well. Also, they ripen in March, and can hang on the tree through a good part of summer. Which is perfect, so it doesn’t conflict with my Washington navel which is already ripe in February. This greatly extends my citrus season!

Sumo/Dekopon is sweeter, much better than Gold Nugget. I have both trees and Gold Nugget is not even #2 after Dekopon.

I gotta agree with Hamlin being a very good tasting orange. I have most of the UCR CCPP budwoods grafted, and of all the oranges, the Washington Navel, Lane Late, and Hamlin are some of the top tasting.

Here’s some of my recent photos of my variegated Valencia, variegated Hamlin. Hamilin is much sweeter than any Valencia, also almost as sweet tasting as the Navel oranges.

Here’s my Washington Navel and Lane Late navel oranges grafted on same tree. Had 85 fruits this season.