Hand Cart Suggestions

I have a lot of potted fruit plants. The containers are quite big, so I move them with a hand cart.

The problem is that I am converting to grow bags and they don’t mix with my hand cart nearly as well as the rigid plastic pots. I need something with a longer tongue, but most hand carts I’ve found either come in the standard short length my current one has or something long enough to be unwieldy.

My pots are quite big, and the grow bags are the 30 gallon kind I believe. Does anybody have any suggestions? Or suggestions for grow bags, as most of the handles tore off mine by the end of the first season.

I bought one of these and I’m very happy with it, even though the shipping actually cost more than the item itself, since it had to be shipped coast-to-coast. I have gotten so much more use out of it than I ever thought I would.

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